Don’t really like to write the disclaimer part, as it seems so impersonal, but I’m hearing here and there it’s best to include one on your blog. Please note I write everything on this website with the best intentions. The idea is to share my personal experiences for other people to read. So here it goes:

Practically Pure is a website containing a personal weblog. I’m not a doctor, nor a scientist or otherwise qualified to give people medical or other advice. Therefore, all opinions are my own and for informational purposes only. I don’t make any representations as to the accuracy or completeness of anything on this site or on the links provided to other websites. I will not be liable to any errors or shortcomings regarding this sites content, nor to personal losses, injuries or damage from using this information yourself.

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All items reviewed by me on this website are purchased by me personally unless otherwise stated. I will always give my honest personal opinion and will not accept money in exchange for a positive review. Please note that what works for me, may not work for you, or vice versa.

In a minority of cases, the links provided might help me save a bit for new products to review. By buying directly from these links, you can help support this blog. Most of the links don't earn me anything and are just there to inform you the best I can. 

Are you a business that wants to work together? 
I'm happy to take a look at your product and see if it meets the criteria for me to blog about it. Please note that I am not obligated in any way to write about products I receive for PR purposes. There will be no deadline for when I have to be ready reviewing an item, as I choose when to write about what. I do try to review things I receive and want to write about as fast as I can, but in order to write a proper article, I need to test thoroughly. I will always write an honest review, even though I received something for free. I will not accept money in exchange for an all positive review, as I want my readers to know everything I write is totally honest.
Feel free to contact me at sofie@practicallypure.com for further information or cooperation options. I'll respond as quickly as I can!  

This disclaimer is made for www.practicallypure.com by the website owner, on July 1, 2013, and updated on february 11, 2014, and can be changed without notice.

That’s it folks, enjoy reading!