About me

Hi there, nice to meet you! 

Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Sofie, twenty-something and happily living together with my boyfriend in a town near Antwerp, Belgium. Recently, I discovered a great passion for healthy living. Well, actually, it has developed over the years as I’ve been suffering from chronic Lyme disease. It got me thinking about sickness and health in general, and a while ago I decided to ban as much toxins as I can from my body. So I started by eating chemical-free. Now, I want to go further down the road back to nature and eliminate chemicals in my daily beauty-routine. And if I’m going natural style for washing myself, why not go pure in cleaning our home too? 

On this website I will share my journey, hoping that my discoveries will inspire others to join me in a little green revolution. Let’s see if we can get it to grow! 

Practically, I will be reviewing easy-to-buy stuff, and try some simple DIY-projects along the way. So, are you a greenie on a budget like me? Or do you want to go back to nature, without giving up your modern comfort, also very much like me? Stay tuned! 

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