Dear readers,

After my previous post, I had to think long and hard about where I wanted to go with my blogging. I started this blog, Practically Pure, with a lot of love and passion. I had been blogging for some years about being ill, and I found it so refreshing to talk about something else for a change. Something that had nothing to do with being sick.

However, after a while it became clear that I couldn't escape my illness, and blogging about something completely different wouldn't change that. It became hard to keep up with the green blogging world with so many other bloggers. Different companies asked me to review stuff for them, and I loved doing it, but it was hard on my health as well. I took on a bit too much. Because it asked so much from my body, blogging became more of a must than something I did to relax and enjoy.

Meanwhile, my other blog was gaining dust as I had to put all of my energy in writing reviews and making pictures for Practically Pure. It has become clear to me that I have to turn things around.
I therefore decided to stop posting new articles here. I will go back to writing in my own language, Dutch, and will do this on my old blog Tussen dromen en leven. I am changing the look and concept, and will write about everything that I feel like writing about. My experiences with Lyme disease, fun things that I experienced or make me happy, and yes, also green living. I have adapted completely to this lifestyle now and will stay this way. I will never go back to a life filled with nasty chemicals. The only problem is that I just can't keep up with the tempo a blog like this asks. I will keep this place online though, as I still stand by all the articles I've posted. I will translate some of my articles and place them on Tussen dromen en leven too.

I feel sad about this step, and will miss it certainly. However, I also look foorward to returning to "my home". Tussen dromen en leven is still the place on the web that is me. Or, I should say, it will be me: I am more than just sick, and I look forward to write about everything I feel up for.
I'm sorry to all of you that will not be able to read there anymore due to the language change. I just have to choose for my own comfort and this is the path I have to go in the blogging world right now. So whoever is up for it, and can speak Dutch, you are so welcome to join me over there again. And who knows what the future holds...

I had so much fun here, and I learned a lot thanks to you all. Thank you!!!

Love, Sofie

Ps: you can still follow me on Instagram: no language needed there!


  1. Veel sterkte! Ik kom wel een kijkje nemen op je andere blog. :)

    1. Dat is fijn Lindsay, zie je daar! :)

  2. Sad to read this Sofie, but completely understand your reasons. Sending you much love x

  3. Agreed, will miss your posts - but google translate may be able to help me visit your other blog from time to time! Hope all goes well and that your skin is doing okay too xx


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