Must see: Food, Inc.!

Netflix came to Belgium recently, and I love it so far! Next to watching the occasional movie and the not so occasional tv show, I also had my eye on the documentary section. And in particular: the documentary Food, Inc.

I watched it yesterday and all I can say is: please do watch this film, you won't be sorry. I think everyone HAS to see this to become aware of what an insane world we live in. I am horrified with the way humans think they are better than every other thing including nature and living beings. I hate the fact that everything in this world revolves around money and power. I am, after watching this movie, even more convinced of our choice to buy almost all our food organic, in spite of the extra cost.

Everyone should see this, and mostly, no one should close their eyes anymore. I know it can seem overwhelming to try and live greener, but every little step is worth so much in the big picture, even if it doesn't seem that way. Doing something, how small it may be, is always better than putting your head in the sand.

Food, Inc. certainly provides a closer look at how eating, one of the most natural, basic, important things we do to take care of our bodies, has turned into something that is everything but natural, healthy and basic. Conscious living and eating has to become our natural way to go again. Watch this movie and see the insanity of it all.


  1. This is the documentary that I recommend to anyone who asks me why I'm vegan.

  2. I will definitely be watching this soon, really sounds worth it - I watched Forks and Knives a while ago which is great x


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