Leftover lunches

Last time I talked about trying to lower our food waste. I think I can say we are trying our best to use up everything we buy. One way to do that is by making creative lunches. 

For instance, what always works and is very easy and quick is making a leftover omelette. There are times when you have a bit food left from dinner that just isn't enough to make a whole meal the next day. What you can do is add one or two eggs with whatever you have available: a bit of vegetables, a small peace of meat, some fresh herbs or a spring onion that was forgotten about... Just bake it all together and season it with pepper, salt, a bit of garlic powder: it will make a delicious lunch! 

Another thing to do with a tiny bit of leftover food: cook some noodles, rice or quinoa with it.
Also, a trick that I use a lot is to add onions. Onions are the only thing we always have in our food supplies. I love onions, for real, I think they match everything so well. So when I have to make my leftovers for lunch a bit bigger: I add an onion. Lol, am I the only one? 

I promised to show what leftover lunches I had last time, so here they are. 

Available in my fridge for the first one were: 

- 1 gluten free ciabatta like thingy
- a few spoons of tomato sauce (which before I wouldn't have kept because it was just so little)
- a ridiculously small amount of grated cheese that was very close to expiring 

One thought immediately came to mind: pizza bread! I sliced up the ciabatta, put tomato sauce on the three thin pieces of bread, added some dried herbs we use for making spaghetti sauce, and put the cheese on top. I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes and boy, it was DELICIOUS! 

I also had an expired pack of hazelnut powder from my cleaning closets action from before. And I stumbled upon a bit of applesauce my mom had given to me to take home. So I mixed some hazelnut powder with a bit of butter, cinnamon and coconut sugar and put it on top of the applesauce. That went in the oven with the pizza bread and voila, a very nice leftover dessert was born: hazelnut apple cinnamon crumble.

The next day it was time to eat some leftover chicken we had saved to make a salad with. At the last minute I didn't feel much like eating a cold salad. I found some cherry tomatoes from earlier, and added, yep, an onion to them :-) To go with this, I baked the chicken so it had a nice crusty texture. Yummm, I liked this way better than eating salad on a cold day I must say... 

Of course, possibilities for leftover lunches are endless and these are just a few examples with stuff I had laying around. You just have to work with what you've got, be creative and don't be afraid to try something new. Some of the best lunches I've had were made from leftover foods!

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