Review: Lavera hair styling mousse

In another post I already mentioned my curly hair that tends to be fluffy when I let it dry naturally. Without any product in it, I mean. Hair driers are a big no no for me anyway. I like using the Lavera hair serum on days where I don't really have to look special or don't have to leave the house. When I do go out and want to have a bit more control over my hair, I turn to hair mousse. My experience since going to natural cosmetics is that my hair doesn't stick as much together with these natural hairproducts. It doesn't get this cardboard kind of structure, and that is so nice. Luckily, the Lavera hair mousse doesn't stick either.

The mousse does what I expect from it: keeping my frizzy hair under control and making it quick and easy to style. What I do notice with Lavera is that when I go through my hair with my hands too much during the day, the effect lessens and frizz still takes over a bit. Since the bottle says "extra strong", I would expect it to be a bit stronger.

What I find a tiny bit of a bummer is that there isn't a certification on this mousse at all. I know certification isn't everything, and a lot of smaller brands can't afford to get this, but from a brand like Lavera where almost every product does have a label, I expect it to be there. However, I don't notice any irritation on my skull, so I will keep on trusting the Lavera brand as I always have. 

The smell is not something I'm a fan of, but then again I have yet to find a hair mousse, even in the natural ranges, that I like the smell of.
I do like this is a product that can be used by vegans. And the fact organic Aloe Vera and Bamboo are being used to provide some extra hydratation is a plus too. Curls can be drier a lot of times, so my hair certainly can use it. My hair doesn't stick and feels soft while using this mousse.
All in all, this isn't a bad product for me, although I'm still going back to my previous Sante hair mousse. I thought that one was a bit firmer and my hair can use that.

Since turning natural, my hair has never been happier, so I'm loving natural styling products either way!

This hair styling mousse can be bought at web shop Solobiomooi for 7.99 € for a 150 ml bottle.

*product received as a PR sample.

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