Superfood review: Mulberries

The past time, I’ve been testing superfoods. One of them are white mulberries, which I was able to test through Dutch web shop Solobiomooi. The brand they offer is Terrasana, which I find to be a very good, organic brand actually. They have a very wide range of superfoods in different packaging methods: you just have to choose your preferred option. The package I got to test was a bag of 250 g of white mulberries, sold at Solobiomooi for 4.49 €. 

These mulberries are organic and raw, so all the good properties of these berries are preserved. As all superfoods, these little fruits are supposed to be very healthy. Mulberries have a history of being used in China for medicinal purposes: they benefit the immune system. They have a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants inside. 

When tasting them for the first time, I got really happy: the chewy structure, combined with a yummy, sweet taste, make them feel like you are eating candy.
I added these berries to my arsenal of “nature’s little sweets” as I like to call them all. I think this is a perfect snack as it is, but you can also use them in desserts, muesli, yoghurt or smoothies. 

I personally like to make a little mix with all kinds of nuts, just like you see nuts mixed with dried raisins a lot. The only difference is I like the mulberries much better than raisins. 

Yes, I admit, this is my favourite snack dish: such bright joyful colours!

What makes this even better is the nutritional value to be more interesting in the mulberries too: 

Mulberries (100 g)
carbs: 77,5 g of which sugars: 45,0 g
fibres: 12,5 g
protein: 10,0 g

Raisins (100 g)
carbs: 66,5 g of which sugars: 64,0 g
fibres: 5,4 g
protein: 2,5 g

As you can see: more than double amount of fibre and four times the amount of protein in the mulberries. A superfood that tastes like sweets! Love, love, love!


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