Replacing the crispy habit

Is anyone else completely addicted to crisps? I never had that much of a sweet tooth, but I always crave salty snacks. I completely abandoned anything that contains flavor enhancers, which basically means, every flavor of crisps except plain salt. But this still is not healthy of course! 

I concluded that part of the joy in eating crisps is just the habit of it. Something crispy, salty to just crunch away while watching a movie. Something that you can do to replace this nasty habit is roasting all kinds of seeds! But, with salt of course… Or any other herb you feel like adding! 

What I do is throw a mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a small pan. I turn on the heat, but at a low temperature in order to contain the health benefits, add sea salt and let the seeds pop for a few minutes! It tastes very good and is so good for you as the seeds contain lots of beneficial nutrients for your body. 

Pumpkin seeds can help you get magnesium, zinc and omega 3. They can even help you sleep better as they have tryptophan in them.
Sunflower seeds are a great source for vitamin E which helps fight free radicals. 

Crisps don’t contain anything good for you, so if you look at it like that…
Some other flavoring options are paprika powder, chili powder, garlic, curcumine, and so much more. Just add whatever tastes good for you! 

I think it’s a great healthier option but, between you and me: it's not entirely the same as the real deal... So I still enjoy my plain salty potato chips once in a while! And so should you. Just don’t let it be your main snacking habit: it’s a treat to enjoy occasionally, and when you get some do just that: ENJOY instead of brainless eating until suddenly the bag is empty! And eat some extra vegetables at your next meal ;-)


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