Green underwear from Saint Basics: with discount!

When going green, the attention doesn’t always have to go to cosmetics or food. Clothes can be green as well. I had the opportunity to try a set of ecological, green underwear from the well established Dutch brand Saint Basics. Recently, this brand has been made available at the Belgian market by web shop Beaulino

Saint Basics stands for eco-chic shirts, hipsters, panties and boxer shorts, for both men and women: the collection made out of 95% organic cotton looks basic but elegant to me. The long fibres in this kind of high quality organic cotton are supposed to make it super soft. 

The clothing of Saint Basics is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means, for instance, that all chemicals (e.g. paint, additives and process chemicals) meet the GOTS standards for safety and degradability. Toxic substances such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, volatile solvents, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) and enzymes are prohibited. The packaging doesn’t contain PVC and cardboard must be recycled.
The work environment is strictly controlled as well: work conditions are safe, child labor is prohibited, employees receive fair compensation, and so on. No toxins on my body, honest work conditions for employees and beneficial for the environment? I like! 

At Beaulino’s web shop, which has excellent client service by the way, there are a lot different items to choose from. I got to test black panties and a white spaghetti top. All items arrived quickly and very well packed. Recycled cardboard was indeed used, and the underwear came in stylish recycled bags that can be re-used. That kind of details are important and make a difference, and that makes me happy! 

The first thing I noticed, was the clothes to look like plain cotton ones, yet feel so much different than what I was used to from the pre-synthetic times. This organic cotton really feels soft, as promised. 

The style of the panties is more on the sporty side, but very comfortable to wear I must say. Everything stays in place the whole day long. The fit is perfect for me and knowing there are no harmful black dyes near my body is very reassuring. 

The top is so comfortable to wear as well. I love the length of it, as most t-shirts and tops will always be too short for my body, and I constantly have to pull them down and tuck in my pants again. This top is long enough to not pop up every time and that is great. It has become my new favourite top to sleep in, because it doesn’t irritate anywhere, and it lets my skin breathe during the night. And it's sooo cosy :-)

What I really love about both of these items as well is the fact that there are no itchy labels, anywhere! No labels sticking out of my clothes, and no irritation to my sometimes sensitive skin. Washing instructions are printed on the inside instead. Very clever, I wish all brand would do this! 

All underwear is available in the colours black and white and is sold in sets of two. Both men and women can find something they like, and there is even a set for babies of ages 1 and 2. Sizes for adults go from XS to XL.
The articles I tried are available for 30 € (2 spaghetti tops St. Laura) and 25 € (2 panties St. Sarah), which I find reasonable prices for green and honest clothes. 

Because I really like wearing this underwear now, I would love to share it with my readers. The people from Beaulino have offered a 10 % discount for all of you guys on all products of Saint Basics. Just put in discount code “SAINTECO” in at the shopping cart when ordering! This discount is valid until 30/06/2014. Enjoy your clean and green underwear!

*These items were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Zo herkenbaar van die hemdjes die te kort zijn en irriterende labels hebben ;-).

  2. Brilliant post and great to be introduced to another brand from Europe that I've not heard of! Their logo is cute and the products you tried do look very comfy. Off to see the website. Thanks Sofie :) x

  3. Ik heb ook een setje mogen ontvangen! :) Helemaal zwart (want ik draag niets anders haha). Mijn review volgt nog. Ze zijn inderdaad heel zacht he.


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