Review: Sóley Organics hand soap

Sóley Organics was, up until I was checking out the web shop of Solobiomooi, a completely new brand for me. What’s special about this Icelandic brand, is the use of healing Icelandic herbs. This isn’t a budget brand for sure, but for an extra treat or an original gift it looks superb. The packaging style from this brand is really fabulous: simple but elegant. 

Sóley Lóa Sapa 

I was asked to try out the hand soap, Sóley Lóa. The web site of Solobiomooi states this soap contains a mix of powerful Icelandic healing herbs, that protect the hands from the cold and dryness of winter. 

To see if this claim is true, I waited for writing this review until I finished the entire bottle of soap. I always tend to have these dry, rough hands during winter months, so testing this soap thoroughly was an excellent experiment the past few months. 

The ingredients are: Pure Icelandic spring water, natrium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocamidopropyl betaie, parfum, polyquaternium-47, natrium PCA, wild Icelandic herb extract, therapeutic essential oils (ylang ylang, citroen, patcoli, ginkgo biloba), wild Icelandic herbs (uva Urse, Betula, Achillea millefolium, Salix phylcifolia).
This soap is free from animal testing and has the Icelandic Tún certification.

The test

The first thing I noticed, was the smell. As you know, I normally tend to choose flowery aroma’s (and if possible: lavender, please!), so this herbal smell was something completely different. After a few uses I was used to it, and now I quite like it’s freshness. 

I’m a person that often washes her hands. This was partly taught to me by my doctor, because of my lower immunity. Plus I wear contacts, and so I have to be very hygienic with them as well. It often happens, despite using ecological soap, that my hands turn rough and irritated from the numerous washing. 

Now, let me tell you this: while using Sóley’s soap this didn’t happen even once. After washing, my hands feel soft and not dry at all. It’s almost as if there is a protective, but not greasy, layer on them. This winter I haven’t had to deal with dry hands, and I don’t think the softer weather over here was the only reason.

I think this is a good, but luxurious product with a price tag of 24.50 € for a bottle of 250 ml. I personally cannot afford to spend this amount of money on something so frequently used. But I am glad to have discovered this unique brand! 

Now that this bottle is empty, my hands probably will turn a bit drier again, so I can finally test the Benecos hand cream thoroughly ;-). Stay tuned!

* This item was sent to me for review purposes.


  1. That is quite steep, but good to know that it worked! Hope the Benecos cream works for you in its absence. (I love the name Solobiomooi btw, but have no idea how to pronounce it!) x

    1. Lol! Would love to hear you pronounce it :-) X

  2. This sounds lovely although it is definitely pricey for a hand wash the brand sounds worth looking in to :) Xx

    1. Yes I know, it's probably because the herbs used are wild and hand-picked... It's definitely worth a look! X

  3. Really sounds great, but I do see how that is a bit much to spend on a hand soap x

    1. Yep, too bad... But glad I got to test it! X


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