Lunch time: quick pasta!

As promised yesterday, here's an example of a quick lunch pasta.

I used buckwheat macaroni from Orgran which is made of 80 percent buckwheat and 20 percent rice flour. Cooking time: 8 minutes.
Meanwhile, glaze some red onion and put in a bunch of cherry tomatoes. You can season this how you want: neutral with just some salt, or go wild with herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil.
When the pasta is ready, add the tomatoes and onion and mix with raw rucola salad. Delicious either heated or cold! My boyfriend addes some pesto to this, but I found the liquid coming out of the tomatoes to be tasty enough. I kind of like the pure flavours of my veggies! 

You can change the ingredients to add in this pasta endlessly. You can even add some olives, pine nuts, and tuna. It doesn't have to be all vegetable.
Something I often do to win time is just use whatever vegetables there are left over from dinner. If that is not enough, just add things you have laying around. No food waste in my home, please!

Improvise people, and you will put together the most delicious pasta lunches!

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  1. Ho Sofie, dat ziet er overheerlijk uit!
    gr de buurman


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