Healthy lunch idea: meal salad

The past month, the man in this household has joined the healthy gluten free lunch quest. He's been taking anything but bread in his lunch box to work, and quite likes it. We have made it a habit to make not only a shopping list and meal plan for all of the dinners that week, but also for the lunches now. And every night, we prepare both of our lunches for the next day together. 

We've been having all kinds of things, and a lot of the times we just make a double amount of dinner. Left overs for lunch are sooo easy!
Another thing we did is make a variety of quick pasta's, which I will show you an example of tomorrow. And last but not least, we've been baking muffins. Easy to transport, easy to eat at work. No warming up needed! 

What also doesn't have to be heated, is a meal salad. My boyfriend is still learning to appreciate them as he doesn't like, well, salad. What he does love is rucola. So todays meal salad is made with that. And avocado, red onion and red pepper. 

If this isn't enough for you, you can easily add nuts or seeds, fish or egg. Put some olive oil, fresh herbs or apple cider vinegar on top for a nice finish (or a dressing of all of the above!). 
You could also make a honey-mustard dressing by mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of honey and three tablespoons of (olive) oil. Don't forget a bit of pepper and salt! 

I always feel happy looking at those beautiful colours of all kinds of veggies in a meal salad. They just scream "eat me, enjoy and feel healthy!" :-)


  1. Love the look of that salad! I definitely agree when I see vibrant veggies and food it makes me feel so much better, and it always gets easier around this time of year too :) x

    1. I agree, light salads are perfect for those hot days! X


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