Gula Java Safran: heaven in a cup

Before you read this post, I should give you a warning. You could get totally addicted once you try this product. I know I have. But it’s really not a problem, as this drink from Amanprana not only is addictively good, but also healthy. 

I’m talking about Gula Java Safran, an energy drink based on coconut flower sugar. I personally have been using coconut flower sugar in the kitchen for a while now, as a healthy replacement for regular refined sugar. Coconut flower sugar does not interfere with your blood sugar like normal white sugar, and there is a bunch of minerals in it. On top of that, the antioxidant level is extremely high, making it a sweetener that is actually beneficial for your immune system. All of this, plus the delicious, caramel-like taste makes me want to go: wow! 

Amanprana has supplemented the powers of coconut flower sugar as an energy and performance drink with different delicious extra’s: cocoa, matcha, earl grey, rooibos or saffron. I got to test this last one by Solobiomooi and I have to say: it’s amazing. This isn’t a comfort food, but a comfort drink. The saffron aroma brings me back to nostalgic times of eating my grandma’s rice pudding. A cup to enjoy! 

Saffron was used in the middle ages in England like Prozac is today. It was used to lower depression and sad feelings. Once the active substances of the saffron reached the heart, saffron causes joy and laughter, so was said.

Drinking this saffron mix should be perfect for treating depression, winter dips, or menopausal complaints. I have to say I don’t suffer from any of the above, but regardless, the comfort factor of this drink is very high.

How to make it? Just put a scoop in a cold or warm liquid: water, milk or fruit juice. Fruit juice seemed to be a waste of the tasteful saffron, so I tested this drink with both water and rice milk. For me, the rice milk version was absolutely the best. It tasted much richer. I liked this drink both cold and warm, but the warm milk factor gave it an extra touch. 

A jar of 310 g of this soluble mix costs 36.95 €. This is expensive, I know. But using one teaspoon a time, it will last a long time. If you are someone that buys a cup of coffee regularly when going out in the city, you will spend at least the same amount. And I must say, I like this more than coffee! 

My boyfriend is a fan too, and that’s why we packed up a big thermos flask of warm Gula Java Safran for a beautiful winter walk a few months ago. Heavenly! 

*This item was sent to me as a PR sample.  For my Dutch review, see Solobiomooi.


  1. Ooh this sounds amazing, I love coconut sugar and the added extras and flavours sound like the perfect mix of ingredients! x

    1. Yeah, it really adds some extra deliciousness! X

  2. I've been eyeing their products but they're just too expensive for me right now.. :) x

    1. I understand, it's definitely a big bite out of the budget! X


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