How to make real food spring rolls

How to make spring rolls, homemade

 A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Twitter of some homemade spring rolls we made that day. It turned out to be a pretty popular pic, and the recipe was requested by different people. I promised to make a post about it, so here it is! 

You all know I eat gluten free. When I saw these rice papers for just 2.99 € in the online shop Gekruid, I ordered them immediately as I liked the ingredients: tapioca starch, rice flour and salt. Nice and clean! And as you make 'em yourself, you choose what goes in, and for me, that means: no nasty additives, no sugar, only healthy ingredients!

It took a while for us to find the time to test them, but eventually we did, and it was an amazing food experience! You do have to reserve a bit of time to make these, unless you have an enormous deep frying pan… We baked them three at a time, and didn’t eat anything aside from these rolls, so it was kind of a slow food afternoon. Perfect for a cozy Sunday afternoon! 


- about 300 g of mixed vegetables: for example carrots, leeks, onion, pepper, …
- about 150 g of small cubes of chicken (vegetarians can leave this out of course)
- rice paper
- seasoning: salt, pepper, or curry spices
- for a curry dip sauce: green or red curry paste

How to make it

1. Bake the chicken until ready.

2. Add vegetables and stir for one or two minutes. You want the vegetables to remain crispy. Season with salt, pepper and curry spice mix. 

3. Allow vegetables to cool for a little while. 

4. Take a pan (we used an oven dish) where your rice paper will fit in easily. Add hot water into this. 

5. Next, put the rice paper in the hot water until weak, and put it on a plate. 

6. Take a small amount of vegetables and put on the lower half of the rice paper, just below the middle. Fold the right side to the left. Fold the left side to the right. Start rolling from bottom to top. 

10. Bake no more than three spring rolls at a time in a deep frying pan, or in a regular pan with a big layer of oil, for about 7 minutes. These spring rolls won’t turn brown, just crispy. In order for every side to become crisp, push them down from time to time very gently. 

11. Meanwhile you can make a dip sauce by mixing some green or red curry paste with coconut milk (use just enough to make a texture according to your personal preference). 

12. Enjoy! 

Waiting to be baked...

Homemade spring rolls


  1. buurman christopheMarch 4, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    hmmm! ziet er heerlijk uit, ga ik ook eens maken
    bedankt voor te delen Sofie,
    gr je buurman christophe

  2. These look so soooo good thanks for posting this I can't wait to try the recipe :D x


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