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I know it has been awfully silent over here, and I'm sorry! Truth is, lately I've been having more headaches and migraines again, making it hard to push through all of my lyme symptoms and go blogging anyway. Migraines and computers don't combine that well...

But here I am, making an effort to get things going again, and what better to kick that off than with a yummy treat? Not homemade this time, but conveniently store-bought. There are times when you go out and get hungry at some point. Often you go grab a quick snack somewhere... But the available snacks are not that healthy, and not that gluten, sugar or dairy free either. After this situation had happened to me a few times (and no, it's not possible to just wait to eat something untill I get home, I just get too hungry all the time!), I searched for something that was handy to take with me in my purse.

Review on raw bite bars
I found these colourful bars at my health store, aren't they pretty? I love the packaging by this Danish brand, Raw Bite. The name says it all, they're raw and make a good bite on the go. Of course you can eat them at home too, but I prefer non individual packed things when it's not necessary.

Review on raw bite bars

The bars of Raw Bite are made with fruit and nuts and are available in all kinds of flavours: Spicy Lime, Apple Cinnamon, Raw Cacao, Coconut, Vanilla Berries, Cashew and Protein. I have tried all except the last two. My personal favorites are Spicy Lime and Apple Cinnamon, but if I had to choose, I would pick the Spicy Lime for sure! It's so fresh and original, I like it very much. 

Review on raw bite bars

Ingredient wise these bars are amazing. The lime variety for example is made with dates, cashews, lime juice, almonds, ginger, chili and citrus oil. The only sugar present is the sugar from the fruits that are used. This is a very good alternative to any so called healthy bar filled with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients!

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  1. These look lovely, I have an addiction to these types of raw snack bars, great for carrying around in handbag for "emergencies" :-)


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