Lunch time: sweet potato fries and yoghurt deluxe

This was my lunch a few days ago. Sweet potato fries is something we make regularly in the oven, by slicing them up, putting a bit of oil on them, season and bake for 20 minutes. But they never turn out crispy as we would like. However, if I have some left over, I bake them the next day in a pan, and they are sooooo deliciously crispy and perfect! So that's always a good lunch time.

I also like to eat yoghurt, but as I'm avoiding dairy now for my skin, I replaced it with soy yoghurt. I also don't eat soy based products on a daily basis, but more as a treat. 

I always add an apple, some raisins, nuts and cinnamon! Heavenly and healthy! This can also be served as breakfast, or just as a snack in between meals.

In fact, I think I'll have some yoghurt deluxe later this day, because looking at this picture again makes me want it bad!

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