Lunch Time: Parsnip-Broccoli Burgers

When I have some mash "potatoes" left over, I like to transform them into veggie burgers the next day for lunch. Since going partly paleo, I don't use potatoes anymore, but use different vegetables that give the same texture. This way you get the same dish but with extra healthy ingredients: double on the veggies!

A vegetable that is superb for use in a "potato" mash, is parsnip. The structure when using this is just the same as when using potatoes. The taste is more sweet though, but it works well. Making carrot-parsnip puree is a hit for us. This time we used broccoli and parsnip.
To use the remains for burgers, I just add an egg and some gluten free flour (mostly rice flour, but something else would work too) to it. I don't really measure the amount of flour. Instead, I just look at the structure: not too dry, not too moist. Just enough to make a solid burger that doesn't fall apart when you bake it.

To get a real burger feel I eat them with ketchup. But not the sugar-filled one from the supermarket. I'm so happy to have found a great organic alternative at the health store from the brand Danival. The flavour in this ketchup doesn't come from sugar and flavour enhancers, but from grape juice, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and pepper. And of course, tomatoes, which you can actually taste in this product. Even my boyfriend likes the taste of this ketchup over our old Heinz bottle!

I think this makes a yummy meal, and together with the ketchup, it gives a bit of a junk food feel, yet you are eating mainly vegetables! WIN-WIN!

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