Frito Misto in Delft: fastfood, only better

As you know by now, I recently went to Delft for the weekend. As always when going on a trip, I searched the web beforehand for places to eat, either gluten free or organic. And it always hits me: Belgium is way behind on this part. I immediately found about five different options in and around this small town in the Netherlands, but the one we ended up in was something I didn’t discover online, but just across the street from our hotel.

I’m talking about Frito Misto, a relatively new organic snack bar. Yep, an organic snack bar, that’s something I didn’t come across anywhere else so far. It seemed like a nice little place from the outside, and the prices looked okay too. We decided to try it out and didn’t regret it at all!

The interior of this snack bar was very bright and peaceful. The only downside was that there wasn’t a bathroom, but apparently renovation work is still going on so that problem should be solved in the future. You can both eat your food right away, nice view included, or take it out with you.

Fresh organic fries, homemade mayonnaise, ketchup and others, organic snacks, including vegan burgers! There is something for everyone! Is his healthy food? No, not really (although you can order a salad as well, so that’s a nice extra). But we all indulge in fastfood sometimes, and when we do, it’s at least a much better choice to go organic and fresh, right? I didn’t feel horrible after eating here as I do when I go to my local regular snack bar here in town: that says a lot.

Me and my boyfriend both ordered fries with beef stew for 5 €, and an extra treat: bitterballen! A quick Google teaches me there isn’t an English translation for that, but says I should describe it as “small, spherical croquettes”. Anyway, they were the BEST we’ve ever eaten. In case you were wondering, the portion you get is five of them, but they were so tasty we already ate two before pictures were taken.

The beef stew was seasoned differently than we are used to: maybe a recipe difference between Belgium and the Netherlands? I quite liked it still, but my boyfriend wasn’t the biggest fan. The fries however were very good, and were a very generous portion! The mayonnaise was amazing as well, gosh, I wish I could go back there already!

For all this, plus two bottles of water, we've paid 15.75 €. I think that’s very reasonably priced, especially when you consider this is organic food.

Tasty, cosy and a very cute presentation. What more can you ask for? If you are ever in Delft, I can only say, go enjoy this high quality fastfood! And take me home some bitterballen!

You can find this wonderful snack bar at Oude Delft 105 in Delft. Check out their Facebook page for more information. The town of Delft is definitely worth a visit as well. Have fun!

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