A big box… Coming soon!

It’s so fun to be able to blog for Solobiomooi. Still in the testing and writing phase from the first package I received from them, there arrived another big box already. And again, there were a lot of superb products waiting for me inside. Here’s a peek at them! 

1. Hair Wonder – Hair Repair Shampoo
2. Lavera – Shampoo Sensitive
3. Hair Wonder – Hair Repair Cream
4. Amanprana – Shaving Oil
5. Lavera – 2-in-1 Anti Blemish Treament Mint
6. Lavera – Family Sun Spray
7. Lovea – Sun Spray
8. Lavera – Hair Mousse
9. Benecos – Eyeliner Night Blue
10. Benecos – Eyeshadow Amazing Blue
11. Benecos – Eyeshadow Duo Noblesse
12. Benecos – Compact Blush Sassy Salmon
13. Hair Wonder – Hair Repair Serum capsules
14. Harmonie – Foot cream
15. Benecos – Blush brush
16. Terrasana – Mulberries white
17. Terrasana – Wheat grass powder
18. Amanprana – Gula Java Safran
19. Terrasana – Cacao Antioxidant powder
20. Terrasana – Hennep Proteine powder

That’s quite a bit, right? I know what I’ll be doing in the time coming: testing and writing. Keep an eye on Practically Pure and Solobiomooi for new reviews! 

A few items give you a hint of a new regular blogging theme that will come up here: superfoods! This year I’ll explore the superfood world, and I’m very excited to do so! 

By the way: how cute is this lucky charm puppet that came with these goodies? These kind of details make it so much fun opening up a package! 

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