Sneak peek: what I will be reviewing soon…

2014 is going to be a good blog year, I can tell! Recently, I’ve been asked by a Dutch web shop, Solobiomooi, to write reviews for their website. I will be writing in Dutch for them, and translations in English will appear here on Practically Pure. Today I received the first review package and it’s looking very exciting!
It’s too soon to be reviewing these items already of course, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what was inside the box.

1. Soley Lóa Sapa Hand Soap

2. Erbaviva Embrace Body Lotion

3. Benecos Mascara Multi Effect Black

4. Benecos Natural Hand Cream for Happy Hands
(Yes, that's a little sweet attached to it, this web shop has these cute little touches)

5. Benecos Lipgloss Berry

6. Lavera Glossy Lips Almond Kiss

7. Erbaviva Lipbalm Jasmine Orange

8. Benecos Nail Polish Deep Plum

9. Benecos Nail Polish Cherry Red

10. Erbaviva Embrace Body Wash

11. Soley KISStu mig

12. Lavera Deoroller Rose Garden

13. Lavera Repair and Care Hair Serum

14. Benecos Natural Shower Gel Enjoy your Shower

Don’t they all look amazing? Lavera (of which I’m a fan) and Benecos (good budget option) are brands I already know and use. However, all these products of them are things I’ve not tried yet. Erbaviva and Soley are completely new to me. Always fun discovering new things in green beauty land! I’m very curious to learn more about all these goodies, are you? Stay tuned!


  1. Ooh, exciting!! Whenever I come across those who are bilingual (usually anyone from anywhere other than here!) I'm so impressed. And the products look interesting too - some brands that like you I have never heard about. I really like the packaging for the Soley Kisstu Mig... it sounds like it should mean kiss me quick! Can't wait to read what you thought about them :) xx

    1. Our country has three languages actually (funny being so small), but my French and German are not that good sadly. With English I'm doing allright I think ;-) I like their packaging too, very down to earth! X

  2. This is so exciting, congrats!! Good for you!! My grandpa (Opa) is Dutch, I love listening to him speak the language. He was born in Amsterdam and came to the US during World War 2 on his bicycle!! Can't wait to read your reviews on all those European products. :)

    1. Thanks! And that's soooo cool! The world is so small isn't it. You have to give him de groetjes from me (means greetings ;-)).

  3. Looking forward to read all your reviews! :-)

    1. I have my work cut out for me right ;-)


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