No Buy January: why I'm not participating

It's hot in the blogging world right now: #nobuyJanuary. It’s basically what it says: bloggers or others that say no to spending in January. I love the idea of standing still and thinking about consumption behaviour, and trying to work with the things you have laying around already anyway. In this rather materialistic society, this is a welcome pause in all the buy-buy-buy. 

Why am I not participating then? Well, I feel that with me, it's always a bit of no buy whatever month we're in. I've mentioned before that I don't consider myself a classic beauty blogger. I don't particularly enjoy buying ten different brands of a product at once. I own a ridiculously low amount of make-up for someone that also writes about this subject. I like to search for one good option and stick with it (unless I really don't like it and can't make it work). I do enjoy trying a different brand the next time I need something though, don't get me wrong. It's super fun discovering new things and searching for holy grails. But only if the previous product is used up, and I actually need a new one. I know, that sounds weird for a blogger testing all kinds of things. But that's probably why my blog isn't about reviews only. As you know, I have to keep a close eye on my budget. And that's the main reason why I don't buy things when I don't need them, and don’t find it that much of a challenge. It's just a habit, forced upon me by the fact that I don’t have an income, and that we have to make a living with just my boyfriend's paycheck.

Sometimes, it's not fun at all to not be able to spent a lot of money on whatever superb item I spotted and would really like to try. And yes, I do get greedy sometimes. I love the feeling of opening up a box with goodies, with big expectations, and just letting myself get amazed by them. When I see other people's closets or stashes, my jaw often drops. I can't imagine having so many things to choose from every day. Of course, it would be amazing. And yes, there are times when I dream of a walk in closet with many, many beautiful clothes, instead of feeling like I wear the same outfits every week. I think it's great for those that do have that luxury, while reminding myself we're all on different paths, and this is mine. And my path also means I stand still and think about consumption behavior every day. It means I am forced to live ecological in terms of buying, and using up things before replacing them. But that's a good thing too.

Being confronted with the harshest thing in life: not having your health, and being chained to the couch every day, I realize that material things won’t make me happy. Having my health will, and being able to go outside whenever I want to. Being able to have one day without pain. Being able to run, ride a bicycle, or dance in the rain. I don’t have those things, and I realize that the one thing in my life making me happy is the people in it. Not the things, not the products I buy or the clothes on my body. It’s not the food I eat. It’s not the beautiful places I see on my yearly vacation. It’s who I get to see them with. And that is what I try to remind myself of, whenever I feel the need to spend money on stuff I don’t really need. 

I’m proud of the fact that despite our situation, we manage to save some money most months. And I don’t want to compromise that. In fact, we have to start paying more attention again, as we are buying more and more things organic, but we’re feeling that on our bank account. That means I’ll keep doing the No Buy Things When I Don’t Need Them, and that would make No Buy January a bit boring with me. I do enjoy to read the posts on this subject though, as I find it so beautiful to see others taking a moment to reflect too. Keep on going guys, you have my full support!!


  1. Like you said to me earlier Sofie, there are definitely some parallels here. As someone that's experienced ill health, I agree that it is the most important thing, as without your health, nothing else really matters, makes sense, or works! I think there's a psychological side to it too though. I noticed those moments when I started to apply makeup after being bed ridden, which I took to be a good sign :-) I've given up on the walk in wardrobe idea lol, I actually asked my work if we could just get uniforms! I'm ok with that :-) Great post! x

  2. Great post! I definitely don't spend all that much on beauty products month-to-month either! I set a budget for those things and am good about sticking to it, so the spending ban hasn't been especially difficult for me either. What I've been most enjoying this month is the community aspect of #NoBuyJanuary :)

  3. Really great post and attitude to have. It can be easy to get caught up in the spending once you start blogging (I know I do). I try to compensate by cutting back everything else so I can have my one vice :) I buy most other things from charity shops! And it's so true about those around you, something money cannot buy!

    Mayah x

  4. I'd like to have my makeup bag edited down to what works! That's the ideal. Like I said in yesterday's post. I was swept away and over-consumed. It all comes at a cost. We are on one-income as well. I so wish that your health was better. Just so you had more freedom in doing whatever you wished. I agree with Caitie that the community aspect of No Buy January has helped a lot of us take pause and make better decisions. Will some of us go back the the same cycle? Sure. But I think a lot of us will make more conscious decisions going forward albeit with a few human mistakes along the way. I believe after January I'll switch to a low-buy for a while. I enjoyed your post. Sofie you are a treasure.

  5. I feel very humbled by your post, it was a lovely read. Health and happiness certainly are the most important things in life x

  6. What a lovely post, I agree with Caitie that for the best bit about the challenge is the community aspect I generally am quite good at keeping everything under control but I realised recently that were aspects of my life I was unhappy with and it led me to spend on things I didn't need, I have now changed those things and I am loving rediscovering what I already have :) Xx

  7. Thanks, I'm overwhelmed with all your well-thought comments, they really speak to me. This no buy thing is definitely living amongst the blogger community! And this is what I meant by saying I find it so beautiful people are really reflecting and thinking about consumption behaviour. You are all treasures! :-) X

  8. I completely understand where you're coming from! I do like trying out different products, but I always make sure to finish what I currently have before buying another. I hate being wasteful and have only thrown products away when I have had bad reactions to them. Also I think its quite hard for people to give a realistic review of a product if they have only tried it a once or twice.
    This was a really nice refreshing post to read, thank you for sharing Sofie :)



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