Lunch time: Quiche with rucola, olives and sundried tomatoes

More and more people are avoiding some kind of food. Because they're allergic, intolerant, or just because it turns out a lot of things we are eating are not as healthy as we were taught. Milk is one example. Gluten, a substance found in a number of grains, is another.

I have been eating gluten free for a long time. Last year, I also started to ditch a lot of other grains. The grains I do eat are whole grains: brown rice, for instance. But I don't feel the need to add carbs from grains to every meal anymore. When I eat only vegetables, combined with meat or fish, eggs, nuts or seeds, I provide my body with healthy foods that also contain the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals, and not just 'filling'. When eating this way, I am actually less hungry, and craving for less food in between meals than when I couldn't imagine a meal without some kind of bread, potatoes or pasta. 

Lately, with all the holidays, I have been eating a lot of things that aren't good for my body. I feel there's nothing wrong with letting go once in a while, but I allow myself to do that only for special occasions. And boy, do I enjoy it then! But guess what, my constant hungriness and cravings for food are back now...

To motivate myself in turning this around again, I thought it might be fun to regularly share my lunches on my blog. Not always with entire recipes, but just to share with you what I'm eating for lunch. I sometimes find it hard to not being able to just simply take a slice of bread, put some cheese on it, and be done in less than five minutes. But gluten free bread from the store is often packed with a lot of additives that I don't want to eat. It's also not that tasty, really. And baking bread myself I really like to do, but gluten free mixes contain corn, and I can't eat that. There are other options, mixing your own flours, but it takes a lot of money and energy and I've had some failed attempts over the years. I'll keep trying though. But eating vegetables and other nutrients will always be better for you than eating just bread, whether it's gluten free or not. 

Changing your eating habits is a challenge, and I always find it more difficult to change my lunch habits than dinner at night. Probably that's because lunch is such a bread based meal in our culture. If you also feel that way, maybe these posts can be an inspiration for you too!

Taking other things than bread or sandwiches with you to work in a lunch box might seem impossible at first. I'm always at home so I don't face that problem. What I had for lunch today was something that could easily be taken to work or school in my opinion. I'm sure more examples will follow, so it really is possible!

If you yourself have a "free from" lunch that you feel like sharing, send, tweet or Facebook me a picture and I'll add it on my Facebook page along with my own pictures!

On to the first lunch idea! This is what I had today.

One thing that is super easy for a quick lunch: leftovers! I often eat leftovers from the night before at noon. Today was one of those days. I made a glutenfree quiche yesterday, filled with rucola, olives, onion, and sundried tomatoes. The recipe came out of one of my new cook books, by Heleen Quantrill from Eet Goed, Voel je Goed. It was delicious! 

I had a small piece left, but that wasn't enough as a full meal. So I added extra rucola, olives and sundried tomatoes and some pine nuts on the side. Oh, and also some gluten free crackers made by my mom. They're so good! Made from almond meal, with a bit of celtic sea salt, some flax seed and sesame, they make a healthy snack too, by the way. The recipe can be found at Voedzo.

What did you have for lunch? Are you eating free from anything?

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