Lunch time: Noodles with roasted broccoli

Lunch number three was SO GOOD! I'm very excited about this little discovery: yoghurt sauce on pasta!

Healthy lunch: noodles with roasted broccoli and yoghurt dressing

I was looking at the things I had left in the fridge, to put together my lunch platter. I had some leftover roasted broccoli from the night before, and was planning to eat that with noodles and pesto. But we were out of pesto, and there were no fresh herbs or vegetables to make pesto with. Then I saw a little pot of soy yoghurt that was expiring today: perfect! 

Healthy lunch: noodles with roasted broccoli and yoghurt dressing I've been trying to be more inventive with things I already have laying around, and this is a great example. Often you buy and buy instead of taking a good close look at what you already have. It's fun to try and make a full meal with things that are being forgotten all the time. It's a great way to save money and be more ecological: less waste! 

I have used yoghurt before, other than mixed with fruits and nuts. I find it to be an excellent salad dressing. I also used it once to replace the greasy garlic sauce that goes with chicken stuffed wraps. But to use it on pasta like I did now, was a first. 

Once again, such an easy and quick lunch. I put on water to cook the brown rice and wakame noodles by King Soba. They have all sorts of varieties, like sweet potato, buckwheat, or plain rice. You only have to cook them for four minutes, and they're already divided in portions, which makes them fantastic for wrapping up a very quick gluten free meal.

While the noodles were cooking, I heated up the broccoli and made my sauce. I did this by just mixing the soy yoghurt with celtic sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, coriander and basil. Of course it would be even more tasty to use fresh herbs, but I didn't have them at the moment. Dried herbs were good too however.

All I had to do next was put the broccoli and the yoghurt dressing on the noodles. And it was so tasty! Really, I think this was my best lunch so far. Endless varieties are possible: putting spring onions in the yoghurt, or curry seasoning, or fresh parsley or chives, ... It's a keeper!


  1. Looks delicious! How do you roast the brokkoli and how long time? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Jaanika! I just put the raw broccoli pieces on an oven dish, mix them with some oil and a bit of salt, and then put in oven for 12-15 minutes on 175°. Enjoy :-)


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