Lunch time: noodles with purslane pesto

There it was again in our weekly vegetable subscription: winter purslane! I already showed you a yummy and super healthy salad I made with this, and now I wanted to do something else. What I find to be a very quick lunch option that always tastes good is: pesto! The good news is, pesto doesn't always have to be made of basil. You can put in that blender whatever you are in the mood for, or what you happen to have in the house. I've made this in the past with avocado, spinach, rucola, classic basil, and now... Winter purslane. 

Healthy lunch: noodles with winter purslane pesto

You just put it in a blender, add a gulp of olive oil, some pine nuts (or other nuts, whatever you have available) if you like, and then some seasoning. You can use just salt and pepper, but it is very good with garlic too. There are other options as well: be creative!

I had put aside some purslane leaves beforehand to mix in with my pasta, as I like to have some bite in my food. The noodles were from the King Soba brand, like they were on my previous lunch post. This time it was the buckwheat variety, which is of course gluten free too. As I don't use parmezan cheese for my pesto's, this is a vegan lunch as well.

This was a very nice lunch, and I had some pesto left for the next day as well. Cheap, tasty and fresh, what more can you ask for?

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