Lunch time: miso soup, sunny-side up!

Time for another lunch idea!

Healthy lunch: miso soup, sunny-side up

I had a cup of miso soup, which is supposed to be providing you minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and more. It also is beneficial for gut bacteria. It's a Japanese soup that contains seaweed. I bought mine in the health shop, from the Lima brand. This is the second time I tried it, and I must say it went a lot better than the first. To be honest, I bought this a long time ago, and it was just sitting in the cupboard because I didn't like it at all. Today I decided to give it another go... And I didn't regret!

Before enjoying the soup, I ate some chestnut crackers by Le Pain des Fleurs with grass fed butter, and an egg, sunny-side up. May I comment that I love that egg name in English. With us, if I translate, it is called "spiegelei" which is basically "mirror egg", or "paardenoog" which means "horse eye". Lol, sounds yum, doesn't it! 

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