Intimate wash gel: yes or no? + Bioturm review

Today it’s girl talk time! I want to zoom in on intimate hygiene for a change. No need to be ashamed, it's an important part of cosmetics too! 

In this society everything has to be excessively clean. We shower every day, wash our hair way too often. And down there it’s just the same. I have heard of people getting infections because they were being overly hygienic, according to their doctors. Using too much soap can lead to irritation and itching. Maybe it would be better if we just let our bodies regulate themselves. Washing a delicate area like the vagina often can disrupt the natural balance of pH or healthy bacteria. It probably would be best to just gently wash with water alone, yes. But, I admit, I always use some kind of washing liquid down there, other than water. And I know I’m not the only one. You just want to feel clean, right?

Before turning green, I always used Lactacyd Femina. You know, from the commercials that say it helps maintain the healthy environment of the vagina. I thought, if it’s sold in pharmacies, it must be good for your body! Then I started learning about ingredients. Oh. My. God. I was “cleansing” the body parts closest to my reproductive organs every day with carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and irritants. That’s just not right. In the garbage it went, and the search for replacement began once again.

Bioturm Intimate Wash Gel

bioturm intimate washing gel intimpflege review

Price: 9.89 € at Ecco Verde, where I bought mine.

Claims: According to German brand Bioturm, this wash gel:
• Maintains the protective function of the intimate flora the natural way
• Natural lactic acid from the lacto-intense work complex maintains and promotes the natural pH value
• Chamomille and Calendula act soothing
• pH-value: 4,6

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Lac*, Sodium Coco-Glucoside Tartrate, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin, Alcohol, Decyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract*, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Oil, Xanthan Gum, Parfum
*: from controlled organic farming

Certificates: This intimate wash has the BDIH and the leaping bunny certificate.

The test

When I found the intimate wash gel from Bioturm online, I was very happy. Yes, it’s a bit pricey at 9,89 € for a 250 ml bottle. But it lasts me several months, as I only use the smallest amount possible. You really need only the tiniest bit.

Bioturm intimate wash gel

This wash gel is identical in use as my previous toxic one. That’s great. The first times I used this, the smell reminded me very much of yogurt. That’s probably because there is a high concentration of lacto-intensive complex used: micro-organisms used for the protection of the natural flora. Yoghurt is often recommended as a natural cure for vaginal infections, to restore the healthy flora. Like you would eat yogurt for healthy gut flora, you can use it for vaginal flora as well. 

Anyway, I got used to the smell. This is a mild and gentle wash gel that will do what you want it to do, but without using harmful toxins.
I have repurchased this three times already since turning green. Considering I started this blog in May last year, that means three months per bottle. The price doesn’t seem that high anymore, when you think about that. I didn’t try another brand yet as I’m so pleased with Bioturm. It’s a great replacement! 

I wonder, are you brave enough to stop using any kind of soap down there at all? Or do you prefer a non-toxic replacement like me? 

PS: PLEASE don’t use those wet wipes for a quick cleanse down there, unless they’re made of natural ingredients, and even then restrict it for emergencies only. Think about it. I know it can be convenient at times, but without a rinse with water afterwards, all those (toxic) substances are even more left behind! And that is not the way of nature at all...


  1. I just use a natural soap on the hair and the thigh crease (I get a bit sweaty there, gross!) and pure water on the rest. Using bubble baths and other products /there/ is strongly linked to thrush and cystitis, neither of which I want to experience again!

    1. Hi Frankie, thanks for sharing :-) I hope you don't have to experience that again! X Sofie

  2. Water! Op aanraden van onze 'ouderwetse' dokter... Ik was mijn lichaam zelfs pas vlak voor ik uit het bad ga want zelfs anders krijg ik irritatie, te proper zijn is echt niet goed!

  3. Dag Sofie! hier je buurman christophe,

    deze topic is natuurlijk ' girl talk time ' , maar ik voel me zo vrij een suggestie willen doen;
    ikzelf gebruik voor verschillende doeleinden bicarbonaat,, het is een uitstekend zeer goedkoop middel voor allerhande doeleinden. ik gebruik het voor mijn tanden te poetsen, ik drinken het voor te ontzuren en ontgiften, als extra steuntje deodorant , om te poetsen, enz..
    om meer te weten over bicarbonaat :
    daar staat veel uitleg over het produkt,
    ik weet ook dat vrouwen die moeilijk zwanger geraken dit gebruiken als intieme verzorging ,omdat dit de zuurtegraad verandert ,
    ik veronderstel dat bicarbonaat een natuurlijke intieme verzorging zou kunnen zijn voor alle andere vrouwen die niet zwanger willen worden

    groetjes christophe

    1. Hej Christophe, tof dat je m'n blog nog steeds volgt!
      Bicarbonaat is inderdaad een supergoed middel, ik gebruik het zelf ook voor veel dingen! Van dat zwanger worden wist ik niet, zal ik onthouden, haha!
      Groetjes! Sofie

    2. ps: nog bedankt voor het witloof, heb er lekkere soep mee gemaakt!

    3. Hé Sofie!

      ik vind je blog superklasse! , ik kom geregeld eens kijken, alles mooi gemaakt en vol levensvreugde gemaakt, inspirerend!

      groetjes christophe

  4. Very useful article. I agree with every word written here, thank you. :)


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