How to live healthy... and keep it up

Let me tell you something I think is very important to hear for everyone that wants to live healthier but is putting it off or is struggling with it. You don't have to be perfect. It's okay to slip once in a while and eat bad things. Just make sure your eating pattern is balanced right: 80% of healthy food and 20 % less healthy things, instead of the other way around.

Make it a lifestyle

I often get the impression that people who want to diet to lose weight or just eat healthier in general, start out very strict. Eventually, they slip because they weren't allowing themselves foods they enjoy, and think 'I screwed up, I can't do this!' And then they go back to old habits.

Another thing I observe, is because I'm not eating sugar or other so called "normal" things, people think I can't enjoy life anymore, or that I never get to eat food that tastes good. That couldn't be further away from the truth! I find myself happier, discovering you cán get all the delicious treats from before, but with alternative, healthy ingredients that actually are good for you. I do eat muffins, brownies, cookies, all of it, but just with better ingredients. It feels so rewarding being able to cook and eat really great things while knowing you made them healthy at the same time!

I believe the trick to keep it up is to keep enjoying food. Give yourself treats, make some delicious desserts or comfort food dishes. Just find healthy ways to do so! Don't starve yourself. You really don't have to be feeding on plain salad and water all day long. There's plenty of other healthy options. Don't go on temporary crash diets, only to go back to old habits afterwards. Whether it's to lose weight, or just the fact that you want to live healthier: the only thing that will work properly, is changing your lifestyle forever, and treating your body better by putting healthy stuff in it.

It's okay not to be perfect

Changing your lifestyle forever does not mean you can't have guilty pleasures anymore for the rest of your life. If you couldn't resist that cookie, or didn't have the energy to cook and ordered take-out, don't beat yourself up. And most importantly, don't let it ruin your motivation to become healthier. Every step counts. Just pick the healthy lifestyle back up where you went off track for a moment. 

It's okay to enjoy junk food sometimes. I do too! But as it only happens once in a while, I can feel the effect it has on my body, and I steer myself back in the healthy direction afterwards. I too enjoyed the holiday period, without feeling guilty about not paying much attention to my normal sugar free, gluten free diet. I eat fries once a week, every week, and I won't give that up! It's okay, when I know the rest of the week is going to be healthy. You don't have to be perfect. But don't give up if you slip. Just put yourself back on the right track. Every change counts! 


  1. Wat een positieve tekst! jammer genoeg lukt het mij niet. Misschien kan ik bij jou aanschuiven ;-) ?

    1. Als je ook nog eens ziek bent, is het extra moeilijk hé. Het vraagt toch allemaal energie om vervanging te zoeken en klaar te maken... Ik snap het!

  2. Do whatever you want to do but with a style. This must be our approach in life.
    Great tips with practical thinking. Thanks

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