D2W degradable freezer bags

Plastic is everywhere. So many things are packed in it, including food and drinks. When I learned about BPA and phthalates of plastic leaching into your food, and that being connected to endocrine disruption, I felt very uncomfortable.

On top of the health issues, it’s bad for the environment too. I already told you about my plastic food containers that were replaced by glass ones. But what to do about freezer bags? I use a lot of them. To save money, we often buy things in bulk. We divide big packages of meat into two or more portions. Same with vegetables, or stuff we baked ourselves like cupcakes or bread. But all of those things were requiring a lot of plastic bags. Not good.

A while ago, I ordered an affordable alternative at online shop Big Green Smile. Here you can buy two sizes of D2W bags. They’re completely degradable, which was exactly what I was looking for. The size Large has 100 bags of 22.5cm x 35.5cm (9" x 14"), and costs 1.23 £. Size Medium contains 200 bags of 17.7cm x 22.5cm (7" x 9"), and is also 1.23 £.

Am I content with my purchase? I'm not completely sure. When looking into the material these bags are made from, the conclusion is: they're still plastic. But they're a plastic where in the production process, something called d2w is added, making the plastic completely degradable. The only thing left according to the company that makes this degradable plastic, Symphony Environmental, is "water, carbon dioxide and a very small amount of biomass". Is this the perfect solution? I don't know. I think it's certainly better than regular plastic. Degradable is a big plus, as it definitely will reduce the amount of waste. But I don't know about the toxicity of this plastic. Does it still contain BPA like normal plastic? I sent an e-mail to the company to find out what they're saying about this. Meanwhile, you can read about the production process here.

This was the budget friendliest option for degradable freezer bags I could find so far. The bags are performing well. They feel very thin, but that’s not a problem as they don’t rip. I didn’t try using them as sandwich bags to take with you however, so I don’t know if they’re strong enough for that. The company suggests reusing, so I guess they should do OK. Size wise, I definitely would name the mediums small and the large ones medium: I think you might be better off buying the large size, however I do use the mediums too. They don’t come with straps, but you can easily just put a knot in them, if you don’t fill them up too much. 

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