Green bloggers and friends: shared board on Pinterest!

Today, I created a group board on Pinterest. For those of you that didn't know about group boards: this is a way to share a Pinterest board with others, so that every member can pin things and as different members participate, a whole mutual collection of awesomeness is born.

As I personally enjoy green beauty or green blogger communities on other social media, like Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, I went searching for a community on Pinterest. But I couldn't find one. I don't know if people are waiting for this, but hey, I decided to just create one myself, and we'll see how it goes. I think it could be great fun!

So if you are a green blogger, or someone that is interested in a green and clean lifestyle, and like to join this shared green board, take a look here. Just leave a comment under this pin that says 'Green bloggers & friends', so I can send you an invite. All you have to do then is accept and pin away :)

Only green related pins are allowed! It can be anything from green and non-toxic beauty, to eco lifestyle, to food (make sure it's healthy, clean recipes, without nasty additives, preferably without refined sugar, and optionally without gluten or dairy!).

Feel free to share this board in the green blogger world! I would love to get to know new green blogs this way! 

Looking forward to seeing all of your pins!

Update: to keep things in order for everyone, I made a seperate board just for Dutch bloggers/pins/readers too, find it here! Same story as above applies to this one! Of course Dutch speaking greenies can also follow and pin on the English board, but this one is for the Dutch pins. 


Thanks for stopping by! I'm always curious to hear what you think...

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