Bentonite healing clay: an introduction

A while ago, when I posted this article asking for help for foundation to cover my severe acne, I was contacted by the lovely Jana from a company named Purely Natural Cosmetics. In an effort to inform about the true meaning of wellness, Purely Natural Cosmetics also shares organic beauty and wellness info on their company blog.
Jana told me about her holy grail: clay. She truly believed this could be the thing to help me clear my skin up, and I’m now in the process of testing it. So, every morning I’m drinking a glass of clay water, and putting a mask on my face too. I’ll share the experience with you later on, when I’ve had the chance to thoroughly test all of this. For now, I’m having Jana over at my blog to guest post, because she'd really like to share what this clay is all about. She is so passionate about it, and would love to introduce Europe to bentonite healing clay. Enjoy the read!

Those who aren’t familiar with the healing and detoxifying properties of clay are often surprised at how effective it can be. “Detoxify with dirt?” To the uninitiated, clay seems anything but pure and cleansing.

The fact is, however, that people have been using clay to rid the body of toxins for ages across many different regions and cultures. Only very recently has it fallen out of practice - and our declining health as a whole is an indicator that we certainly can use all the detoxing we can get!

Detoxifying with Bentonite Clay - How it Works

Rather than fighting against the body to address the symptoms of disease, clay is a tool for reestablishing equilibrium. A healthy body heals itself - a situation much preferable to simply masking the symptoms of illness without addressing the root cause.

To put it simply, Redmond Bentonite Clay acts like a magnet, attracting toxins within the body due to the ionic charges perfectly attracting impurities. Through the process of adsorption (you read correctly - that’s adsorption, and not absorption!), the clay pulls and traps chemical toxins, harmful bacteria, and other impurities before carrying them out of the body.

What this means practically is that bentonite is incredibly effective for healing after a multitude of ailments, including bacterial infections and diseases such as Lyme disease, Pertussis (Whooping cough), and Pneumonia. Taken internally, the clay attracts the positively charged harmful bacteria and flushes it from the body, leading to a faster and more thorough healing process.

How to Detox with Redmond Bentonite Clay

Many have experienced powerful detoxifying effects by taking clay baths - that is, adding clay powder to a bath and letting it draw out toxins and infections through the skin.

Taking clay internally is another option: one that is particularly appropriate for those suffering especially nasty infections. Simply mixing a small amount of clay powder with water and drinking it daily can help to rid bad bacteria from the system.
It’s hard to believe, but making a habit of supplementing with Redmond Clay has benefitted me in so many ways - I become ill far less often and have more energy than before.

Furthermore, clay also has an alkalizing effect on the body thanks to its high pH level (9.7). Because many in our society eat diets rich in acidifying foods, our bodies are often struggling to maintain the proper pH balance. By adding alkalizing supplements like bentonite clay, we’re able to achieve that balance more easily - which is essential to optimum health!
In his book, Alkalize or Die, Dr. Theodore A. Baroody talks why it’s so important to keep the body out of the acidic range as well as how to do so. In general, this means eating many alkaline forming foods such as vegetables and staying away from acidic forming foods such as meat and dairy.
Bentonite clay helps to achieve this alkaline state and make the body more resilient to disease and infection.

Redmond Clay also has anti-infection effects and healing benefits when used externally! As you can see, I was able to use the clay to heal a bicycle injury very quickly:

The science behind how this works is the same as for internal use: the clay attracts toxins and impurities like a magnet, allowing for faster, more thorough healing while preventing infection.

As you can see, taking bentonite clay is an incredibly effective, nontoxic way to both heal from and prevent disease. Whether you’re looking for a way to rid your body of infection or simply promote good health and immunity - give bentonite clay a try! Thousands of years of healing can’t be wrong.
- Written by Jana from Purely Natural Cosmetics. 

Sounds interesting, no? I'm hoping I can come back to you in a while and be as excited about this as Jana, clear skinned and all! I'm curious, have you ever used clay for health benefits? 


  1. Wow those are some amazing results! :) I find it to be really strong and drying so the best thing for my skin is to mix it with some rhassoul clay and it works great! :) xx

    1. Did you know you're not supposed to let it dry on your face? You have to wash it off before it turns dry. Mine is only on for about five minutes. X

  2. Thank you for helping people get the information they need. Great stuff as usual. Keep up the great work!!! Rhassoul Clay


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