Can I find the right foundation before Christmas?

Allright, this post will be different from the regular drill! This time, instead of me trying to give some advice or tips for great buys to you guys, I am asking for your help.

As I mentioned last time, I'm going through a rough time with my skin. I'm having a major face breakout. I'm not talking about some blemishes, not even about a decent amount of pimples. This is full on, terrible, not-one-clear-spot-in-my-face skin with major bumps and massive amounts of dark red, almost purple spots and scabs. It's not pretty. At all.
As much as I had hoped I would be able to battle this with natural products, I haven't succeeded. So for treatment, I had to run to regular meds, although I'm not liking it one bit.

For cleansing my skin I am using Weleda's Almond cleansing cream, and I'm very happy with it. It's so gentle, and I feel this little amount of ingredients are all my very sensitive skin can take right now. That part is covered, thanks to the amazing Weleda brand.

The real problem is make-up. I am still standing strong and refuse to turn back to regular, toxic foundation that can make things even worse. Me being a lyme-patient and therefore being housebound has the "advantage" now that I don't have to wear make-up, 'cause I'm not able to go anywhere, anyway. But Christmas is on it's way, and that's the time of the year where I stubbornly try to participate in normal life. So I will be celebrating the holidays with my family, and I would prefer it if I didn't have to go looking like this.

But what natural, organic and liquid foundation will be strong enough to cover up my skin nicely?

So far my experience with Lavera's foundation is that it is fine, but doesn't provide enough coverage when you have a seriously, severe blemished face. And I've read that this is being the case with many organic brands. I know mineral powder foundation covers better, and it does, as I have tried amazing Lily Lolo, but the loose powder isn't the best option for me right now as I find it harder to cleanse. (And left over make up in my pores is something I definitely can not use right now!)

Normally I would, in a skin-emergency situation like this, order every foundation I can find and just try to see which one will do the trick. But I don't have the money to do so. I will have to choose and put my money on the foundation that is going to be the one for my current face, and therefore, I could use your help.

Who will provide me with the golden clue? Which green blogger can recommend the one foundation for me right now? Or what green company has a sample for me to try? You can comment or contact through the contact form above!

Feel free to share this post with whoever could be of help, because I really hope I can get my saviour by Christmas and celebrate with a lot more self confidence than I'm feeling these days!


  1. I really enjoy the cream foundation from The All Natural Face. It's inexpensive and super basic ingredients too, which it sounds like your skin might appreciate! The coverage is also good - It's quite buildable and I actually have to focus on sheering it out a good bit to get the medium/light coverage I prefer.

    1. Hi Caitie,
      thanks for the recommendation! I will look into it, any chance you know if I can get samples from them?
      x Sofie

    2. I don't think they sell samples of the cream foundation, but I know you can get samples of the powder and use that to color match before ordering the cream.

  2. Dear Sofie

    I have just emailed you, but to ensure you read the email, I am posting an excerpt under your blog post as well.

    I saw your tweet and read the post on your blog about the problems you are facing (apologies, no pun intended). As with all the problems, it starts within. I would highly recommend a detox programme with Redmond Healing Clay-you should use it internally and externally as a regular mask. My blog has a good post about the benefits of using food grade clay, specifically from Utah's Redmond.

    Regarding the foundation, you will not have much luck with foundation coverage unless you combine it with the concealer. I have personally had a good experience by using the Miessence foundation to even out the skin tone generally and concealed any imperfections, i.e. red skin, spots, with the concealer from the same brand.

    Good luck and I look forward to your response.


    1. Hi Jana,
      thanks so much, I just saw your email and will reply ASAP!
      X Sofie

    2. Superb, look forward to it. I swear by the internal cleansing. I barely wear make up and I'm 35! I use Miessence foundation to give my skin extra boost of even colour in winter and apply Miessence concealer over my nose and chin to conceal enlarged pores, finally, I finish off with Miessence powder. I don't need anything in the summer. We have been selling and using Miessence for the past 3 years and truly recommend the brand. But outside maintenance isn't everything's! Healthy gut, means healthy body and skin. You can find the blog with its clay post through our website via Connect with us Tab. Take care!!!

  3. Oh Sofie, I feel your pain and know it well! In the summer I suffered miserably from breakouts. I had to take out most of my sugar intake and figure out what other foods were creating acidic imbalance and inflammation (wheat, dairy, etc.) I had to stop using ALL oils on my skin and basically ALL the products I love :( Awful, I tell you! What ended up working beyond dietary changes were the Nonie of Beverly Hills products. The natural AHAs worked wonders - the only products that helped eliminate scars and breakouts. I also discovered OM Ayurvedic - a very clean and balanced acne treatment. For foundation, which is your question, because I couldn't use oils, no liquid foundations worked. Though now if I would have thought of it, I would go for Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Foundation or Rawceuticals, both on amazon. I used mineral powders instead by Sally B's, Silk Naturals, Rejuva Minerals, and Lauren Brooke. I genuinely hope this helps, dear Sofie! xoxo

  4. That sounds so awful, really hope it clears up for you soon! I've heard Studio 78's Chamleon foundation is pretty full coverage - I tried it out on my hand in Whole Foods yesterday and it seems good with a nice texture although doesn't match my undertones ( I have yellow undertones). If you have pink/cool undertones it might be good for you :)

    Mayah x

  5. Miessence has a sample pack of it's liquid mineral foundation that includes 3 of it's shades. It's only $1.55 (but if you're going to pay for shipping you might want to include a lip balm or something too to make the shipping worth it).

    We also have mineral powder foundation too. The liquid has pretty good coverage, but if you are looking for something really opaque I would recommend using the mineral powder over the top.

    If you look at the ingredients (look at the individual colors) you'll see it's one of the shortest you'll see and full of nourishing, healing, natural & organic ingredients.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything.

  6. I prefer a mineral powder foundation over liquid. I have found it hard to find a really good non-toxic liquid foundation. Mirabella Beauty seems to be really good and my skin actually likes it. I found it helped my skin as well as provide the coverage I was looking for. A couple of my clients that have tried it also agree.
    For powders, the best coverage I found is with Youngblood Their powders are fantastic.
    As a professional makeup artist and someone with picky skin her entire life, I have tried TONS of different foundation products searching for a non-toxic one that has a good coverage and will last all day.
    It's hard to find a good coverage foundation in an organic product I've noticed. Miessence has great products, however little to no coverage. The liquid foundation is more like a tinted moisturizer and the powder doesn't have a lot of coverage either. Although I love the aloe vera based products!
    Younique also has some amazing products. Their mineral powders don't have a lot of coverage either though. The BB Creams are great but I don't think they would have the coverage you are looking for. They are ok but better with a mineral powder like Youngblood on top which is what I use when my skin is bad. That or Mirabella are my go-to's when I need the extra coverage.
    Alima Pure is also a great brand. I haven't personally tried it but another makeup artist friend of mine into non-toxic products says it's fantastic. Her website is here she has an online shop with many eco friendly brands.
    I've also heard good things about 100% Pure Cosmetics but haven't tried them either.
    All the products I use are lightweight on the skin. I hate feeling like I just painted another layer of skin on my face.
    Any questions, please feel free to email me!

  7. Hey Sofie, so sorry to hear that you're having ongoing skin problems. I don't have the full breakout situation but I do have large red patches on my cheeks at the moment. I currently use Dr Hauschka - but you might find the alcohol element in it drying on your skin, which possibly wouldn't help much with the painful raw skin you're suffering from. If you were interested in trying it, you can contact DR Hauschka directly - they were kind enough to send me a couple of mini trial pots when I asked about colour matching - so you could test out the coverage and your skin reaction.

    I find that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a mask, but it does significantly tone done the dark red patches.

    Also, I don't know if this is an option for you, but perhaps could try mixing some of the mineral foundation with a moisturiser that you're happy to use on your face? It might be possible to get a bit more coverage that way?

    Good luck with the hunt!

    Hephzibah x

  8. has sample kits for the brands of foundation and concealer that they sell, so you can try multiple brands at once for a low price. The foundation sample packs are organized by skintone and undertone, and the concealer packs come in light or medium. Spirit Beauty Lounge has a sample kit w/ 9 samples you choose (not just face products) for $25 (free SH & $5 voucher) - but they only have 3 brands of non-powder foundation, and one of them (Vapour) is known for being quite sheer. But the other 2 brands are great - RMS and W3LL PEOPLE. You could get colors for the rest of your holiday look with the remaining samples. Hope you manage to find something and have fun at your Christmas gatherings! Maybe if you're feeling bad about your skin you can focus on your clothes and wear something sparkly/festive.

  9. Hi Sophie, a while back I suffered from big breakouts on my jawline so I can absolutely sympathise with your issue. I have failed miserably in my quest for a natural liquid foundation I like and I have tried a lot. I like the REN BB cream but it is a light coverage. I use mineral foundation, have you thought about mixing minerals with a moisturiser to make your own product? I used to do that a fair amount, you need to mix well but you can customise your foundation. There are two products from Lily Lolo that I use for breakout coverage and they are green mineral powder called blush away and their mineral concealer, you have to really moisturise well and then use that combination (green powder first) and it will cover red marks. Good luck lovely Xx

  10. Thanks Sarita for your kind comments about our products. We at Nonie have helped many women in these types of situations. Check us out at or call Marla she is an absolute expert in this field and is ready and willing to help.

    Good Luck Sophie.
    The Nonie of Beverly Hills Team.

  11. Hi all, thanks so much for all of the advice! I've made a BIG list of everything and will look at all of the options carefully!

    Love to all of you! X Sofie

  12. Hi Sofie!

    I’ve been thinking about your problem for a few days now as it’s really stumped me. I empathize with your skin troubles, and truly feel your frustration, so I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed a Christmas miracle will happen and they will disappear in time for your family get together :D If by chance I didn’t wish hard enough I was trying to come up with some non-toxic options that would cover up those bad boys. A lot of the clean brands that came to mind have formulas which would be too thin to provide the amount of heavy coverage you need, but there are two that just might help minimize the situation.

    Kjaer Weis: a cream-to-powder foundation is launching this week that is supposed to have buildable coverage and cover skin concerns like rosacea. If it holds up to its claim this could be a good option to explore….in between layers I would recommend dusting it with the rms ‘un’ powder to help set it and allow you to build each additional layer without simply smearing the layer beneath it. The only thing to note is that it contains coconut oil which, due to its larger molecular structure, could clog pores. Although if this is just for one occasion I wouldn't worry.

    RMS beauty – I use their cream-based un-cover up as a concealer, but it’s meant to be used as foundation as well. Because it’s a cream formulation I find you can build layers as long as you put a setting powder in between the layers.

    Whichever option you go with I would stipple the product around your pimples/scabs because otherwise it will be noticeable that you’ve applied a foundation. Also, if you do use a setting powder make sure you get one that won’t highlight the dryness of the scabs – I like rms un powder for this very reason. It settles on top like a silky layer and doesn’t draw attention to any fine lines or dryness I have.

    Now, because you have dark red/purple spots you will also need to find a camouflage concealer to help correct the colour imbalance as a foundation alone won’t do it. Try to find a salmon coloured concealer as that will be your best option to fight that particular colour.

    I’m going to do a bit more research and if I think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you know.

    Good luck!

  13. Forget about makeup - your body is trying to eliminate the toxins in it through your skin - as it is the biggest elimination organ in the body! Be careful what you put on your skin; as what goes on your skin - goes into your blood stream! You need to clean up your diet, exercise, pray/fast and be still and know that God knows why these things are happening to you! Whatever is inside a person - is going to come out one way or another - sooner or later! Post prayer requests online (; as all sickness and disease has a spiritual root! God bless you! :)


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