Apple cider vinegar magic potion

Many green minded people know all about the benefits of using white vinegar, for instance as a natural cleaning product or fabric softener. Today I’d like to share another kind of vinegar with you which has stolen my heart: apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar, on the internet being referred to a lot as simply ACV, is a product of nature that has an amazing number of benefits. You can use it for… well, just about anything. People are using this as a facial toner to help fight blemishes. It makes a great hair conditioner: I’ve never had softer hair after using this. It should also help with dandruff. If you rinse it out, you can’t smell it anymore. However, I found if my hair gets wet again, I can smell a bit of vinegar around me. So that might take some getting used to. For external use, it’s best to dilute this stuff with water, about 50-50!

However, the true miracle of ACV for me, is found in drinking it. Claims are drinking apple cider vinegar everyday is likely to help with diabetes, weight loss, high cholesterol, indigestion and many more. You can read more about it here, here, or just use Google.

I try to take my daily dose of apple cider vinegar for two reasons: it’s supposed to help with detoxing, which I need to pay attention to due to my lyme disease. And number two: it should make your body more alkaline, which is the opposite of acid: in today’s western lifestyle, most people’s body pH values are way too acidic, making it the perfect environment for disease. ACV can help counter that. I didn’t test if the ACV drink helps this in my case, simply because I haven't bought pH testing strips yet. However, there is something that shows me this stuff is doing good things. Let me tell you about it.

In a previous post of mine, I talked about the consequences of flavor enhancers when I slip and eat junk food. I always feel sick after eating junk. I would get a headache, my stomach hurts, and I feel just so nauseated and full. One time, I decided to take the ACV to the test. Right after eating all of this bad food and feeling the way I always feel when I have this guilty pleasure, I mixed up my potion and enjoyed it (it actually tastes good the way I drink it, a bit like apple juice, but better). A few minutes later, I had already started to feel better. I was amazed by this. I could feel it working and it was such a relief.

Last week, my boyfriend said he didn’t feel all that well. He was feeling a bit sick, had a stomach ache and bowel cramps going on. For the millionth time I told him to drink the apple cider vinegar. He finally gave in, and let me tell you this: he was happy he did! Less than fifteen minutes later he was feeling better. The cramps had stopped. If this little trick works on someone that was so skeptical, it must be good, right ;-)

So, I try not to forget to take my little potion once or twice every day. And when I feel bad from eating nasty stuff, I make sure to take it, as it really helps my body deal with the toxins and the digestion! Of course, this shouldn’t be a trick to use just so you can eat bad things all the time. I just like to have it as a rescuer for those times I can’t resist.

Here’s how I drink it: 

apple cider vinegar drink

1) Take a glass of water.

2) Add 1 tablespoon of ACV. Make sure it is organic and unpasteurized. This is really important!

3) Add 1 teaspoon of raw, organic honey. This makes it so yummy to drink, and it’s also very beneficial for your body as raw honey has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti –viral and antioxidant properties. 

Did you experience the benefits of apple cider vinegar too? I would love to hear about it!


  1. You know, for some reason I haven't tried this yet! I will tomorrow morning. Or maybe I will rig now. Thanks for bringing acv to my attention once again. :-) I did use it as a conditioner for a while but stopped for no Reason whatsoever lol, but never tried drinking it. Thank you! :-) xx

  2. I used to take it all the time and loved the benefits but just got a little lazy - I really want to get back to taking it now :) x

    1. Yep, I frequently forget to take it, but the times my stomach feels bad I do remember and it's a relieve ;-) x

  3. I too use ACV for so many things together with baking soda they are my natural holy grails :) xx

  4. This truly is a magic potion! I had a terrible time trying to sleep and I was getting only 3 to 5 hours a night. I started to take ACV for a completely different reason- to handle my digestion which was giving me migraines. Lo and behold I started to sleep like a baby- unbelievable! Of course it helped my digestion too and the migraines are all but gone. But the real and unexpected miracle was I now sleep the whole night -which I hadn't done for more than 30 years!


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