For the best gluten free pizza ever, go to Slovenia!

Traveling when you eat gluten free, isn’t always that easy. For instance, I have to carry an extra suitcase packed with all kinds of food like gluten free pasta, snacks and so on. Usually, when going abroad, I check beforehand if there are going to be any organic stores in the neighborhood, where I could pick up some extra foods for my diet. This year, as I was searching for gluten free opportunities in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, I came across something really nice: a pizzeria. Where you can just ask for a gluten free pizza. Anytime. Turned out there were several places in Slovenia where you could eat gluten free. But this particular pizzeria got really good comments online. So I decided this was a must for us to try.By the way, 'normal' pizzas are available too, the gluten free part is an extra.

pizzeria trta ljubljana
Pizzeria Trta

The pizzeria is a rather small restaurant, a little bit out of the center of Ljubljana. But as the city isn’t big, the walk wasn’t big either. And let me tell you this: it was SO worthwhile going out of center for this. 

pizzeria trta ljubljana

The waiter was very, very friendly. We decided to do a take away because the restaurant is situated next to the river where you can sit more quietly. Menus are available in English, and there are a lot of toppings you can choose from. While we were waiting for our pizza, we could sit at a table and drink something. Service was great and a little while later we opened our pizza boxes.

gluten free pizza slovenia
My pizza: vegetarian

I almost screamed of excitement when seeing such a good looking pizza, that I could finally eat without feeling guilty of not following my gluten free diet. The toppings were so nice and fresh, and the bottom was so good. This is seriously the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever tasted. You couldn’t notice the difference with a regular one. It was like heaven for me.

gluten free pizza slovenia
And my boyfriends, I think this was pepperoni or something alike

When any of you ever end up in the city of Ljubljana, Trta pizzeria is really a place you have to go. I will certainly go back some time! Trta pizzeria is situated at Grudnovo nabreĹžje 21, the Borough Prule, at the Ljubljanica River.

It's a shame I can't just call to order take away from them, but well, I guess Belgium is just a bit too far...


  1. Hi Sofie! I just discovered your blog and imagine my surprise when I read this title, I'm from Slovenia! :)) I'm so happy you found some delicious food in Ljubljana :) x

    1. I LOVE SLOVENIA ;) Definitely in love with Ljubljana too! X

    2. That's awesome! It's really nice, i'm so happy we have the sea and mountains as well, diversity is great! :)) xx

  2. Hi Sofie,
    I am going to Ljubljana this summer and I cannot eat gluten. The idea of eating a GF pizza that everybody ravess about thrills me. I have one question for you. I cannot have the pizza contaminated with wheat flour so how clean do you think this restaurant was and how serious do you think they are to helping us Celiacs out? Thanks for responding,
    Sheila, Canada


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