Indian summer fruits

We're having some wonderful Indian summer days over here in Belgium. I took advantage of the nice weather this afternoon by talking a walk in my parent's garden. Not only did I enjoy being surrounded by nature, I also got home with all of these little treasures: 

Right now, the apples and pears (seriously, one pear tree provides us with the BEST pears ever) are ready to be eaten and they're yum! The first walnuts are falling on the ground and there are loads and loads of hazelnuts too. They can take a bit of work because you have to check them all thoroughly as other animals also like to eat them. 

These gorgeous fruits and nuts will transform in some sort of apple and pear crumble for sure! I can't wait for the smell of apples and cinnamon to fill our home. 

I know I'm really fortunate I can simply go into my parent's garden and pick all of these fruits right of the trees. In summer we also have cherries and all kinds of berries... I love it. I dream of having my own little garden one day so I can grow my own food too. Meanwhile, I go "shopping" in mom and dad's little piece of heaven on earth. It's organic, and it's free, what more can you ask for? Of course, you have to deal with the bugs that are present in homegrown organic foods too... ;-)

It might be worth it checking your own surroundings: for instance, our town has a public park with all kinds of fruit trees where people can go pick their own stuff for free. Or maybe you have a neighbour, a friend or a family member that also grow their own fruits or veggies, where you can go and share in the fun? 


  1. Oooh yummm!!!!! I was pear picking yesterday I just love it. Your pictures are gorgeous too!! xx

    1. Thanks Ina! Sadly I didn't had my good camera with me, these are just crappy iPad pictures :)


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