Eco-friendly bargains – Part 2

Sorry it took me so long to put up a new post since going on holiday… I’m still not where I should be with my health, but didn’t want to keep my readers waiting any longer. So here’s a shopaholic post to get things rolling on Practically Pure again!

Hooray for bargains! Last time, I talked about how eco-friendly stuff can also be found from time to time in local discount stores or other places you wouldn’t expect it. Just before and during this past holiday, I managed to score some lovely items again! 

First, there were some glass food storage containers, at Kruidvat. Not the same quality as the Glasslocks I mentioned last time, but way cheaper. At 2.49 € for five this was a steal. They’re five different sizes and I love the fact some are very little: sometimes I have only a ridiculously small amount left from dinner, but I don’t like throwing food away, even if it’s just a tiny bit… These little containers are perfect for such cases. 

Second, as I was strolling through the aisles looking for the glass containers from above, I spotted bamboo again! These cooking tools were also a great eco-friendly buy for just 1.79 €. I was on the lookout for something like them, as my plastic ones were starting to melt and flake. Not good! So I was happy to bump into these bamboo babies. Not colored and smooth this time, but a little more rough and natural looking. I’m just hoping the rough feeling bamboo won’t start to shatter in time. 

Next up, I’ve found my beloved GreenPan again. This time, it was thanks to my mom. She had seen GreenPans being advertised in a Blokker commercial. Me and my boyfriend immediately went to check it out and yes, there they were: two pans for just 29.95 €. That was much cheaper than what we’d seen in the organic stores before! Our stir frying pan was from the range “Kyoto”, and this range is “Rio”, which I’m guessing can be the reason for the price difference. I don’t know, and I don’t care much, because I’m so happy to have found original GreenPans for this price, whether they’re called Kyoto, Rio or Timbuktu for that matter! 

And last but not least, when we were in a drugstore called Kozmo in Croatia the other week, I spotted some drinking bottles saying “BPA-free”. That immediately got my attention, and as I had been thinking about buying us some reusable bottles to take along with us for a while, I was tempted. When I saw the bottle itself saying “For your health and nature’s wealth”, I had to buy it, as that matches my own values perfectly. We payed about 18 euros for two 600 ml bottles and that’s a bit cheaper than through the webshop. 

They’re from a lovely looking Slovenian brand called Equa. The bottles are environmental friendly, contain no harmful bisphenol-A like regular plastic bottles, and by buying them 10% of profits go to ecological organizations and campaigns. 

So, while I’m enjoying green bargains again, I’m curious to find out if you've managed to find some yet?


  1. Great finds, I love my reusable bottle and I will be buying some green pans soon to add to my cast iron collection :) Xx

    1. Hi Ana! That's fun to hear, hope you like them as much as I do! Xx

  2. Want them all, I am so proud whenever I use reusable things haha :) xxx

    1. Haha, you should be, if even more people would think about reusing... X


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