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Do you also like giving from time to time? Are you someone that believes in supporting others that are less fortunate than yourself? Then this is a post for you.
It’s not really in the “theme” of my blog, but it seems to me that a lot of green minded people stand a bit different in life than some others. Caring for nature, caring for health, just standing still where others might move faster and live their lives less thoughtful. That’s why I feel this is a post some of you might like to read too.
For a number of years, I think it started in 2009, I’ve been lending and relending microcredit to small businesses from poor countries.

So far, I’ve supported Patience from Nigeria; Amrici and Beatrice from Tanzania; Eunice from Nigeria; a whole group of entrepreneurs from Rwanda; Fanta from Sierra Leone; Hannah from Kenya; Ruth from the Philippines, and just today Jacqueline from Cameroon.
How did I do it? After seeing Oprah Winfrey talk about Kiva (I’m not kidding, Oprah started this for me), I decided to put 25 dollars in a Kiva account and chose a nice looking lady with an egg shop to lend my money to. She paid back the total amount of 400 dollars over several months and when my part of the money was in my account again, I lent it to someone else. At one point, I added 5 more dollars to my account to be able to relend faster, when not all of my previous loan was paid back.

I really like Kiva’s system. As you all know I can’t spend that much but this makes it possible to help several people by just putting in one amount of money. Should you want your money back after a while, you can withdraw it. You can learn more about how it works here. I love the fact that every entrepreneur is on the website with a picture and his or her story. I mostly choose women that have children, as I find it important for them to be able to send their children to school and having a steady income will help a lot with that. But there are all kinds of people and stories, and they all could use a little support. I think it’s really good they’re being encouraged to further invest in their business by making these loans, so that they can grow and keep their income.
As I was making my eighth lone today, I spotted a limited time offer: when bringing a friend to Kiva, both you and the friend get to make a 25 $ loan for free. If you’d like to try it, use this link.

(Pictures of entrepeneurs from, assembled and put together by me)

So what do you think? Are you ready to share some love?


  1. Hoi Sofie,

    Goed plan! De eerste (gratis) 25$ zijn naar Tajikistan: 'A loan to to buy corn, tomato, cucumber, onion, and carrot seeds, as wells as fertilizer and fuel'. De rest volgt.

    groetjes Eveline

    1. He leuk, dan kan ik binnenkort ook nog een lening geven :) x

  2. Wauw een foto van jou! Nu kan ik je eindelijk eens zien ;-) wat zie je er goed uit!

    1. Haha ja, heb beslist iets minder anoniem te gaan voor een meer persoonlijke toets... Heel beangstigend wel ;) Bedankt! Xx

  3. Sofie, this is a beautiful post that reveals your generous spirit! There's nothing "greener" than one person taking small steps to make big changes in the world. Lending small amounts of money can be a game-changer for the individuals you have helped! It means that you just supported someone getting on their own feet through learning new skills, acquiring a job, earning a steady income, and offering them opportunity. That is real giving! Way to go, Sofie, for sharing Kiva's important mission and for setting an example to us all! Isn't that what us Green Bloggers wish to do? Xo

    1. Thanks for your supersweet comment. You're totally right! Trying to change the world for the better, one step at a time. Xx


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