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Since I started my blog a few months ago, I’ve met a lot of really great other bloggers. With them came the occasional blog award or tag, and I thought it was about time I’d do a post about them.
I decided to do things a bit different, because there are already so many questions to answer and I don’t like to keep the wonderful bloggers that tagged me waiting.
What all of these fun awards and tags have in common is this:
- Thank the person who awarded or tagged you. Keep on reading!
- Answer a few questions, mostly through which people get to know you a bit better: as the list with questions has become a bit long, I’ll pick a few from each award or tag.
- Tag new bloggers. I’ve learned not everybody likes this, so I’m going to go ahead and tag and award everyone who reads this and is genuinely interested :-) So if you like to answer these questions yourself too, please leave a comment so I can come take a look!

Versatile facts about me

The first person I’d like to thank is Dana from Live Green Beauty. She recently decided to separate her biz blog from her personal stories, and the latter can be found here. From Dana, I received two awards already. That’s too sweet really! The first one was the Versatile Blogger Award. I can’t link back to it anymore as she moved blogs, but she said some very kind words to me at the time and I appreciate that very much. 

For this Versatile Award, I should name a few random facts about me. 

- As there isn’t a picture of me on this blog (I’m still in doubt whether to add one), I’ll describe myself a bit. I’m becoming 26 this year. I’m rather tall, have blue eyes and light brown, curly hair. 

- I sometimes wonder whether I belong in the green beauty world, as I don’t use that much make up actually, apart from the basics. I do like dressing up when going out a bit more, but it never takes extreme forms. I guess that’s why my blog isn’t just about green beauty, but about all-round green living :-)

- After high school, I was too sick to go to university. But I took the challenge of doing a home study with the Open University, and I passed for my Bachelor’s degree of Psychology last year. 

- I’ve been writing another blog in Dutch for three years now. It’s about my Lyme disease, and as I decided I wanted something to keep myself busy outside being sick and writing about that, I started this blog. So far no regrets, I actually get a lot of personal fulfillment out of it.

Super Sweet questions

The second thing Dana has awarded me with, is the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Questions about yummy foods? Alright, bring them on! 

Cookies or cake?
Hmm, difficult one. I would say, cookies. But, as long as they are healthy and natural, I enjoy both.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Definitely, without a single doubt, it’s chocolate for me. If I could, I would put chocolate in everything. But, it has to be really dark, as I can’t stand anything under 65% cocoa. I’m currently even up to 92% and I love it! 

What is my favourite sweet treat?
I must admit, I actually don’t have a sweet tooth. I much more love salty snacks. But, I do enjoy baking some healthy in betweens and yes, mostly they are sweet. But naturally sweet of course, as I haven’t eaten sugar for years and years. I find a favourite hard to choose, but last week me and boyfriend baked the most heavenly peanut butter cookies with –of course- chocolate chips. But without sugar peeps! They are SO good. We’re planning on making them again this weekend, can’t wait.

Liebster answers

On to the second person I’d like to thank. It’s Olivia, from Beauty from the Fjord, and she has given me the Liebster blog Award. A few questions I’ve picked: 

What is the most expensive beauty product you’ve ever purchased in your life?
I honestly don’t know! Nothing I buy is expensive, as I’m on a tight budget, so I always try to search the best items in my budget category. I don’t look at things that I won’t be able to afford, because that would just be a disappointment every time. Best to look at what you can have, instead of what you can’t! 

Where do you purchase most of your beauty products?
I’m a real iHerb addict, as you can read in the post I’ve done about it. There’s so much to find for such great prices. I’m open to try other budget stores, so feel free to give tips everyone!

What do you hope to achieve in the world of blogging?
I don’t have particular goals set, so I guess I’ll just enjoy the ride and see where it gets me. Although I don’t think the numbers should be priority, of course it’s great fun to see people are reading and enjoying your blog. We all put hard work into it, and it’s very rewarding when it’s being appreciated. But I’m so happy, being able to write about things I’m passionate about, and meeting like-minded people all over the world. That’s simply amazing for me already. 

Do you recommend holiday destinations in Europe?
Ehrm, Belgium? Lol (that’s my own country, FYI)! Personally, I always travel south. Mostly to France, or Spain. But I like Austria too, and soon we’ll be in Slovenia and Croatia, and I’m sure that will be phenomenal too! 

Skincare secrets 

Last but not least, we have Caitie from Naturalla Beauty. She tagged me with the Skincare Tag. Here are the answers to a few questions from it:

What’s your skin type:
It’s acne-prone, without a doubt. Been struggling with it since my early teens, and I'd think at almost 26 it would have left to never come back! But, unfortunately…

Top blemish zapper:
I wish I knew! Still searching for the miracle cure!

Face whipes, yay or nay?
I would say, yay if otherwise you’re just going to skip cleansing, but in general: nay, it’s still an emergency solution to me. 

What’s the most unusual skin care product you’ve tried?
I think the Manuka honey dripping from my face every night is pretty unusual already for me. But I’m sure I will try a lot weirder things in the future!

Manuka honey - sorry, no pic from me looking weird with it :-)

Oh my, this has turned out to be a very long post! For those that are still with me, thanks, and feel free to answer the questions too, would love to hear all of your thoughts! 
And of course, thanks to the lovely ladies that tagged me! 


  1. Oh,sorry to hear about your disease.Never heard about lyme disease,but wondering where did you get that disease?I read that it can be transfered by mites.Is that true?I have cats :/

    1. It's transfered by ticks actually. And yes, cats can carry ticks in the house so always be careful with those. It can transfer a bacteria causing lyme, which can make people very sick, affecting the whole body. Often the diagnose gets missed (like it was with me, so it's only after ten years of being terribly ill that they discovered I have lyme) and then it can become chronic. "Under our skin" is a very interesting film about lyme.

      Thanks for stopping by though, to go onto a nicer topic :)

  2. Great reading your answers! I do all my baking without refined sugar just don't need it to make delicious sweets :)

    1. Indeed! There are so many alternatives that even can be healthy too!

  3. It's really nice reading this! Haven't heard of the first two tags but I like the sounds of the super sweet one. I can't believe that you are not a sweet tooth, so lucky! Yes, 92% dark chocolate is really good! I'm glad I'm not the only one, lol. I've been to Belgium when I was little, can't remember much of it other than lots of walking, may have to visit some time in the near future :P x

    1. Thanks!
      Well, I'm not a sweet tooth, but avoiding potato chips is also very difficult ;)

      When you come to Belgium, come to Antwerp then ;-)

  4. I'm gonna do a post on Top blemish cures for you Sofie! Until then: aloe vera gel (like from Aubrey, squeezed from the plant, or Dr. Alkaitis gel, combined with Brittanie's Thyme green clay and white tea mask ( or any healing clay. Leave on spots as long as possible or overnight. You'll look scary, but it's great! Then manuka honey with cinnamon is another great combination. My sister-in-law has Lyme's and may have found someone wonderful to help her in NJ. Let me find out what the treatment is called... XOXO


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