Eco-friendly bargains

When trying to change to a more eco-friendly, green lifestyle, it’s important to look at a lot of aspects of everyday life. Kitchenware is one of them. We recently invested in a Green Pan, of which I will do a review post later. That was an expensive item for us though, and we wouldn’t be able to afford replacing everything we own for such pricy alternatives. But, what I do, is just keep my eyes open. I like to look at what’s on offer in our local discount shops. And doing so, I’ve come across a few handy, eco stuff.

In Aldi, for example, I was able to buy us a set of nice, glass food containers from Glasslock.
According to their website, Glasslock containers are “made of silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components which makes it eco-friendly and recyclable”.

They’re also BPA-free, which means no nasty toxins leaking into your food. What I personally think is another benefit, is you don’t get that plastic smell when you open the box. An additional plus side: when you store spaghetti sauce in a container like this, it doesn’t turn a shade of red that never will come off again.
The lids close amazingly air-tight. I’m very happy with my Glasslocks, and when they pop up in Aldi again, I will certainly buy a second set and toss more of our plastic containers out. I got my set, that contains three sizes, for about 15 €. It may be a bit more expensive than buying a plastic container from Ikea, but we’ve already had to throw a few of those away after a relatively short time because they were, besides, having a red color, really braking down: the plastic was deforming, and that can’t be good. I think these glass containers will last us until we grow old. Unless I drop them, of course. It’s still glass, after all, and I'm not the handiest person alive I must say :-).

Another time, I spotted in a different store, called Kruidvat, a nice looking set of bamboo plates, bowls and cups, by Simzu. I was looking for a good picnic set for when we travel abroad with the car, and this one immediately appealed to me. 

"Care for the earth"

Made from 100% biodegradable organic bamboo fiber, this is certainly an eco-friendly way to eat. The material reminds of plastic, but in a way better form. It’s very solid yet feels so smooth. And don’t you just love the colors? I do! What I like about this so much too, is that if you drink from the cup, it doesn’t taste or smell like a plastic cup. No scent at all, just the one from your drink. I hated that plastic smell with our previous ones!

The fantastic part is this: they were so cheap! At 1 € per bowl or plate, and just 2.99 € for the set of four cups, this was a true bargain. 

Just looking at them makes me happy!

So, my advice for the day: keep your eyes open people, as some seriously good stuff may come by in your local discount store too!
Both of the times these items weren’t advertised as being eco or green, so you’ll have to be aware yourself. With me the words “glass containers” and “bamboo” immediately got my attention. Turns out my feeling was right, and I’m very happy with my purchases indeed!

Did you come across some great eco bargains? Let me know!


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