Shop Review: iHerb, my favorite

A few posts ago I promised to let you know where I got my castile soap from Aroma Naturals from.

Let me tell you: it’s from iHerb. I love love love this shop. At first I knew it only as a supplier for health supplements that were prescribed to me by my doctor, but were much cheaper when ordered from iHerb. As I started to gain interest in all things natural and organic, I started noticing the rest of this enormously big web shop.

What I love about iHerb is there is such a great range of products to choose from, and it has saved me tons of money already. Up until now I haven’t found prices like I’ve found them there, and for greenies on a budget that’s great news.
The range of products is immense: it goes from supplements, over groceries, over bath and beauty products, to kids and babies stuff, and aromatherapy, home cleaning to even kitchenware and pet supplies. You can find just about everything.

It can take a while going over pages and pages of items, but everything is well organized and apart from - obviously - a search feature, you can filter by different categories, price, popularity, brands and so on to narrow down your options. Price is always the first box I tick, because to stay on my budget, I have to set a limit and just not look at more expensive items, to not get seduced.
Every item has a description, an ingredient list, a nice photo you can zoom into really close, and customer reviews. You do have to check ingredients though, and not shop blindly, as not everything meets my strict ingredient-standards, but others might not be that concerned. I really like to just click around, discovering new things every time. Of course, it’s a bit of a danger to my wallet, I must say!

Another great benefit is the shipping costs. They ship to 150 countries worldwide, and the cheapest shipping method is only 4 dollars! That’s less than what I would pay for most web shops here in my own country! Parcels always arrive in a perfect state, and everything is so securely packed, it’s amazing. Every item is in a (recyclable) bag, and the lids are taped so nothing can spill on the long way to Europe. It really shows they care. 

Safe and secure!

Over in Europe though, you have to keep in mind taxes when shopping in America. For Belgian readers: to avoid taxes, stay under the amount of 30 dollars (you don’t have to count shipping costs into that, just what the products cost). If I need to spend more than that, I just make two separate orders to stay below that limit: not a problem as shipping is so cheap.

Last but not least. The cutest thing, I think, is every time there is a little surprise in my parcel. Actually, there are two. First, you can add one freebie with every order you make. Freebies come and go, so you can choose from different things every time. It’s a shame I didn’t discover this great feature earlier, I must say. But now I have and I find it so much fun, choosing a little present every time.

My favorite freebie at the moment!

The second surprise is the actual surprise, something I didn’t expect with my order. Sometimes it’s a bag of tea to try, or a pen. It’s those little things that make me smile, every time I open a package from iHerb.

Little surprises that make me smile! Not going to picture them all, or the surprise is gone for you :-)

A little sideline I don’t like to write, because I am a very positive person that can always see the good in things and don’t like to talk bad. But I feel this is something I should mention. In my last order there was a product, a deodorant, which I purchased because of the great ingredient list. When it arrived however, there were more things on that list than stated on the website, and it were things I didn’t like. I’m sure this was an honest mistake, because I’ve never had any complaints before. When I contacted customer service about this, they were very helpful and gave me a refund. That's an amazing gesture I think, and a real service you don't see a lot.
So I’m still a big fan. I won’t repurchase this deodorant, but I will keep on buying the millions of other great stuff on iHerb! 

Do you like to shop there too?

I’ve been in doubt for a long time about whether or not to include links in this review that earn this blog a little bit of credit. Wouldn’t it come across as if I just wanted to earn money with my blog? That’s not my goal, and I would hate people to think that. I decided to just be honest about this and not secretly use these links: if you decide to buy something through my links, to support this blog, I want it to be your choice and not that I tricked you into it. This also is an honest review, I didn't make things look better than they are to make people buy here: just sharing the love.

So, if you are a first time customer on iHerb, it would help this blog, if you’d order through this link or the others I provide. Right now I’m paying for everything I review myself, but our budget only stretches so far. So to keep trying new things to write about, this little support would come in handy. There’s something in it for you too, by the way. By using these links or by entering my code SOF972 with your order, you get a discount of 5 or 10 dollars. Only for first time customers though! You'll get your own code too, that you can pass along with others and earn some credit for yourself. Hope you'll understand my choice in this!


  1. I'm a big fan of iherb too! I've also had issues with products arriving damaged, but they're always great about taking care of it. I do find they have great customer service in live chat, but email is iffy (as in I sometimes don't get a response.) They'd probably refund you for the deodorant discrepancy if you talked to them in live chat :)

    1. Thanks to your suggestion I've gotten a refund, Fantastic customer service!!

  2. Hello! :)

    I also love how iherb has great prices and a wide selection of products! There freebie lip balms from Sierra Bees are lovely! I like them a lot more than Burt's Bees. They taste and smell great and leave a nice shine to your lips!

    Great post! :0)

    1. Thanks! I also love the lip balm, never tried Burt's so can't compare, but I'll take your word ;)


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