Shop Review: Gekruid, place to be for herbs and much more!

Today I want to talk about a really nice online shop I’ve become a fairly regular customer and fan of. It was actually thanks to my neighbor, who told us about this website, that I discovered the wonderful world of herbal health on Gekruid. Fun fact: "gekruid" is the Dutch word for "seasoned".

The range of herbs is really immense, and is still growing as new items are regularly added. Organic, without nasty additives, ingredients listed on the website. That’s how I like it! Prices are very reasonable, otherwise, of course, I wouldn’t shop there.

This web shop is totally comfortable to work with. Everything is looking very organized and it’s really easy to navigate and place an order. Every item has its own page where you can find, next to the listed ingredients, an explanation about the health benefits of this specific product. In some cases, little recipe tips are present too, along with combination suggestions. Customer ratings can be found at the bottom, and that’s also a feature I really like, just reading other people’s opinions that can help decide if this product is what you’re looking for.

Although herbs seem to be the main focus, you can find a lot of other stuff here too, going from super foods, dried fruits and nuts, supplements, books and even kitchen accessories. Oils, beans, dried products such as rice and quinoa, honey, tea and aromatherapy: they have it all, and more. Up until now, I've ordered different herbs, goji-berries, pumkin and sunflower seeds and more from them. What’s important too, is that everything is from a very high quality.

All of my orders were handled very nicely. For Belgium and the Netherlands, shipping is free for orders over 30 €. Ordering before 8 PM means you’ll have your parcel in the next day.

Currently, most shoppers on Gekruid are Belgian or Dutch, but the shop is upcoming in the rest of Europe too. There already is this link, but it’s not linked to English-based sites yet. I’ve contacted the people from Gekruid and they’ve stated they’re looking into options to improve services to international customers. 

Another remarkable and much appreciated fact is this: everything comes securely packed in BPA-free plastic . Herbs come in plastic sealed bags like demonstrated in the pictures, and this might be a downside for some people who don’t like to work with bags. For me it’s not a problem, because that gives me the chance to decorate these super cute reusable herb jars I talked about earlier

Gember, which most of you will know as ginger :-)

I can really recommend this shop, and hope you’ll like it as much as I do!


  1. Ik houd van kruiden en zeker gember maar ook cayennepeper :D xx

    1. Hihi ja die is ook lekker, al is m'n vriend vaak wat te enthousiast met het potje :) X


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