Review: Badger versus Incognito insect repellent

Last time, I talked about my concerns with DEET, a common ingredient in bug repellents. I explained why I won't ever use it again. Of course, I searched for alternatives, and found them.

Two days before leaving for the family holiday, there was an item on the news about there being a mosquito plague in Austria. Although I didn't find that the best thing to hear, it sure gave me the perfect opportunity to test two mosquito repellents: Badger and Incognito. I chose these two based on the ingredients being perfect and natural: no poison, not even preservatives.

bug spray comparison

Originally, my goal was to use the Badger spray when sitting outside on those warm late nights. Often you get scared away by annoying mosquitoes, or have legs full of bumps if you are brave and stay put. Once I discovered there are also natural and safe insect repellents on the market, I wanted to try if our summer nights could also be itch free.

As it states on the bottle the Badger spray has only been tested to repel mosquitoes. I searched for another product that would protect me and my family for ticks also. As some of you know by now, I'm very sick due to Lyme disease, which really ruined half my youth and adult life, and it still is today. I desperately want to protect my loved ones from getting infected too, and that's why finding a natural tick repellent meant a lot to me. I found the Incognito should do this job, so my second choice was made.

Because the Incognito should protect you from all insects, I tested it with regards to mosquito protection as well. A tick test I refuse to run, as obviously I'm not going to ask others to walk in tick risk zones just to see if this product works to prevent them from biting. I just made sure that everyone was covered with the spray when they went for walks in nature, but I also asked them to please avoid bushes, long grass and so on. No ticks were observed, but I don’t know if it was due to the spray or to the fact we were careful. Anyways, for mosquitoes the spray was tested properly, so the review will be on that.

Badger Anti-Bug

Where to buy: the Badger spray can be bought here on iHerb.
Costs: 10.79 $ for 4 fl oz (118.3 ml)
Ingredients: Active Ingredients: 23% *glycine soja (soybean) oil, 10% *ricinus communis (castor) oil and essential oils of 4% *cymbopogon nardus (citronella), 2% *cedrus atlantics (cedar), 2% *cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass), 1.5% *rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), 1% *pelargonium graveolens (geranium), and 1% *mentha piperita (peppermint). Inactive Ingredients (55.5%): Water and .5% *gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen) essential oils.
Certified Organic by the NH Dept. of Agriculture
100% Certified Organic Ingredients
No animal testing.

Badger bug spray

The first test I ran was with this spray (by the way, I find the packaging really adorable). Sitting outside when it started to shimmer, enjoying a nice cup of tea, I put the spray only on my feet first (I was wearing long trousers and a sweater, so the only uncovered skin was situated at my feet, hands, neck and face.
A lot of mosquitoes were present that night, but when I had Badger on my feet, it already felt like there were less of them swarming around me. I could see some of them searching along my trousers for a nice place to bite, but they avoided my feet. The rest of my bare skin however, they flew directly towards too. So you really have to cover every piece of uncovered skin with the repellent. Sometimes a mosquito risked it anyway and came flying very close to my skin. But they never really seemed to want to land on me after some exploring. One time, one brave little bastard came to sit on my hand anyway, but it didn't bite and flew away again.

Was it that easy? It was certainly less crowded with mosquitoes around me, but were they all staying away? No. Did I get bitten? No.

Time for test number two, but this time I let another test person use the Badger spray. Same story again. Mosquitoes came to skin without the spray on it, and bited there. When everything was covered properly, they came exploring but didn't bite.

The only downside me and my test persons have found about this insect repellent is that it smelled a bit strong. Me being sensitive to strong odors found this a downside, but the rest also preferred the Incognito spray we tested, only because it smelled a bit fresher and more light.

Incognito anti-mosquito

Where to buy: I've gotten the Incognito spray from here at
Costs: 7.03 £ for 100 ml
Ingredients: Alcohol, Citrepel 75® (Eucalyptus Maculata Citriodora), Organic Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia), Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora), Linalool*, Limonene*, Citral* (*Natural components of the Essential Oils)

Incognito bug spray

As I mentioned above, all of us liked the smell of this one better. The packaging is less cute, but then again that’s not the point, is it?
In terms of use, the Incognito is a bit more liquid than the Badger spray. Therefore I find it a little less relaxing to apply as you have to be fast to prevent it from dripping off. But still the whole family liked to apply this one better because of its slightly more subtle smell.

With regards to effectiveness, I think both are kind of equal. You have to apply on every bit of bare skin with this Incognito spray too. That was demonstrated kind of funny when I wanted to rub some on my boyfriends face. He got kind of mad and as he was saying “No, I don’t want this thing put near my face!”, two fat mosquitoes were actually on his eyebrow and jaw, busy sucking up his blood. After that, he wasn’t as reluctant to put it on his face, too. I actually did too, and as having acne problems, I was worried about break outs but fortunately, they didn’t happen.
Same as with Badger, some mosquitoes being brave would come searching for a spot but we didn't get bitten. That in the contrary to my brother, who refused to use the bug spray until the last night. He gave in because well, with all of the mosquitoes coming to him, as we were no longer attractive prays anymore, he was kind of an easy target.

Being home, my sister is continuing to use the Incognito, but when I saw her yesterday she was covered in little mosquito bites. She sleeps with her windows open so her room is filled with mosquitoes all the time. Why didn’t the spray work now? I don’t know. The only thing I can think of, is that you’re supposed to reapply after a few hours, and that it won’t last you a whole night’s sleep of eight hours. The bottle actually says it will work “at least five hours”. I suggested that she tries the Badger spray again too, to see if reapplication is less needed there. We’ll see!

My conclusion: natural, non toxic bug sprays do work! They’re maybe not perfect, but then again, neither are the chemical toxic DEET ones, in my experience. I think two important tips are to cover every piece of bare skin, and to reapply after three or four hours.

Although I like the applying process better with Badger, and both seem to be equal in terms of effectiveness, I will repurchase the Incognito, because I like the smell better.
My boyfriend is also very happy with it, as I've caught him several times now in the middle of the night spraying and rubbing, when he was again being haunted by his least best friends :-) I'm guessing that next order will have to be done sooner better than later!


  1. Sounds good. I am now also trying to alkanize my body again and it seems the mosquitos are wearing off they come zooming near me but they haven't bitten me since I do this. xx

    1. That's cool! Maybe there lies some truth in the saying some people have more sweet blood than others, and therefore get bitten more, might have to with acidity then :-) Thanks for stopping by Ina! X

  2. I sometimes I pick out natural products based on how cute their packaging is. You have reminded me that the protect's effectiveness and ingredients are the most important.

    I have noticed that a lot of natural bug sprays have strong smells. But over time I got used to the strong scent and actually begin to like it.

    Let me know if you find out which bug spray lasts the longest. Great post :)

    1. I know people do that, and I can't blame them, because that bottle makes you happy looking at it ;) So I thought that was worth mentioning!

      I will give an update when the other one is tested again by my sis!

      Thanks for stopping by, X!

  3. Interesting review of these products. I always love the packaging for Badger products :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yep, me too, it's just too cute! X

  4. I have camped a number of times on bug-infested environs, and believe you me; you need to carry some kind of repellant. The badger and incognito are both resourceful and eco-friendly, if you ask me. I also checked out some homemade bug repellant recipes here:


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