Best banana ice cream ever - sugarfree, dairy free, gluten free

As my healthy chocolate pudding was a great succes considering the reactions I’ve gotten on Facebook, I thought it was perhaps time for another yummy treat! 

The sun is finally shining again in rainy Belgium, so that’s perfect for you guys to try this all natural, sugar free, super-healthy banana ice cream! It’s again ridiculously easy to make. I came up with it on a really hot day, and like last time, my dear brother and sister were serving as guinea-pigs (don’t think they mind though). They liked it very much, so I made it again for my boyfriend, and he is now totally addicted to this. As is my brother, by the way. The banana makes it really creamy, just as I like it. It’s naturally sweet, and tastes like the best artisanal banana ice cream you have ever eaten.  At least we think so!

What do you need?

- 1 ripe banana per person
- rice milk (or other kind of milk you like)
- a blender
- a freezer

How to make it:

This recipe is actually done in two episodes. So you have to think a bit ahead, if you want ice cream tomorrow, or later this day.

1. First, you slice the bananas in little pieces to put in the freezer. The first time I did it with really big chunks, but it’s a bit friendlier to your blender to make the pieces smaller.

2. When frozen, put the pieces of banana in your blender. Now, add a bit of rice milk. You want to use just enough to get your blender to process this frozen fruit. Our blender isn’t the strongest in the world, so it does have to work really hard to blend this, poor thing. But it works every time anyway. At my parents house, in the kitchen robot, it’s much more effortless for the machine. If yours refuses to do the job, just wait for the banana to melt a little bit, I’m sure it will go smoother then.

3. Anyways: blend it! You can add rice milk according to your personal desired texture. I personally like it to be the solid structure of regular ice cream, but my brother likes it especially when it’s somewhere between ice cream and milk shake.

4. It’s ready! Enjoy!

Please note, this melts faster than regular ice cream. So make sure to eat immediately if you don’t want it to be liquid. These pictures were taken when making ice cream on a very hot evening. It was 30 degrees (Celsius, that is) over here. So melting was happening even faster! In normal temperatures, it looks and tastes more solid, and has the texture of regular ice cream. Melting or not, the flavor will always be fab! Oh, you can also add sprinkles of your favorite chocolate!

Melting fast on a really hot day but yummy either way!

As my boyfriend is buying extra bananas every week now to put in the freezer, I’m sure we’ll be having this for dessert tonight again. Can’t wait. Hope you like it too, feel free to let me know!


  1. This recipe sounds sooo yummy! I will be sure to try this with rice milk or soy milk!

    I followed ya! Follow me back please? I also have a natural beauty/random blog too!

    Thanks! :0)

    Great Post!

    1. Thanks, that's great to hear. Hope you like this as much as I do. Followed you back ;) always fun discovering new blogs!
      X Sofie

  2. YUM.EE!!! This has made me super hungry :) Looks fab! x

  3. Ooh, that looks rather tasty! Great idea x

    1. Thanks, it's so easy to do but such great result :) x

  4. Another great recipe; 4 large bananas, frozen in chunks,
    1 T pure vanilla extract,
    1/4 cup any nut butter,
    1/3 cup organic cocao powder
    Blend in food processor, pour into popsicle molds and let freeze till solid. Unmold by dipping in a glass of hot water for 15 secs. No synthetic chemicals in this yummy treat!


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