Shower gel and shampoo: Review Aroma Naturals Castile Soap

Let’s look at another of the basic cosmetic products everyone uses. What’s in a typical morning routine? Right, taking a nice hot shower, meanwhile washing yourself and your hair! My previous shower gel was a really cheap one. When I looked at the label, again I wasn’t pleased. Parabens all the way! SLS and mineral oils, why not. Same story for my Dove shampoo. And conditioner, of course: I couldn’t go without that special nourishing hair treatment. Who knew I was rubbing silicones all over my head, thinking I was doing the right thing for healthy hair? Story in short, these products also had to go. But what to replace it with? Searching the web, my jaw dropped several times, as I was horrified with the soap, shampoo and conditioner prices I came across. A lot of great looking products, but we just couldn’t afford to spend that much. Even the more reasonable priced, in terms of natural beauty products, were out of our reach. On top of that, I found lot of ‘natural brands’, often the cheaper ones, selling stuff that always had at least one or two ingredients I preferred not to use. 
Luckily I read about a thing called castile soap. Made only from vegetable oils, often olive: that sounded like music to my ears! Originally, it comes in soap bars. To make the natural transition smooth enough for us, as we were so used to liquid shower soap, I decided to go with a liquid castile soap. In the future we might use the bar version, as that’s a lot cheaper.

The liquid castile being put to the test this first time is Aroma Naturals’ Extraordinary Natural Castile 4-in-1 soap. It comes in four scents: Global Mints, Tea Tree Eucalyptus, Fresh Citrus Blossom, and the one I picked: Lavender Passion Flower. I’m a total lavender-addict, so I’ll always go with that. Kinda boring, but I really can’t help myself.

The Review: Aroma Naturals Castile Soap: Lavender Passion Flower


Costs: 6 $ or 4,49 € for 237 ml. They also offer travel sizes (you could use that to test it first) of 30 ml for 1,49 $.

Ingredients: water, coconut water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa seed butter, cranberry oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, sachi inchi oil, organic flax seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), lavender & passion flower.
No animal by-products or animal testing.

Great ingredients, a lot of healthy organic oils making this soap contain omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. Aroma Naturals say it can be used as a healthy and moisturizing body wash, hand wash, shampoo and shaving soap.

Lovely bottle!

The packaging


I like it! It’s a dark bottle with a handy pump dispenser. The label is so joyfully coloured, and as an extra bonus, it’s made water- and tree free! 

The test


The pump dispenser is great, but be careful: it pumps powerful so the first time some of the soap splashed onto my shower wall. It might have to do with the fact this castile is more liquid than your regular shower gel. You’ll also find you don’t need to use that much. Considering there are no artificial foaming agents in this soap, I was pleasantly surprised with how foamy it still is.
Being very sensitive to strong odors, the smell of this product was overwhelming for me. It’s certainly not bad, don’t get me wrong, but I expected it to be a bit more lavendery. It has a very herbal smell, don’t know how else to describe it. When I’m massaging it in my hair and the soap is foaming a lot, the smell gets so strong that it’s on the edge of tolerable for me. But as I said, I’m just very sensitive that way, so for others it probably isn’t that overwhelming. When it’s a bit diluted, and our bathroom still has the aroma in the damp air after showering, I actually love the fragrance a lot.

The body wash


The first times you’ll use this natural soap, it could feel a little different than your regular cleansing. Truth is, your skin will have to get used to a body wash without petrochemicals in it. Just give it the time to start producing your own natural body oils again, instead of replacing them with chemical toxic ones that stop your body from making their own (this is called paraffin addiction of the skin).  After some time of use, my skin feels just like before when washing it. I can even say it’s drying out not as fast as before, when I often looked like a scaled crocodile or something. This morning, my boyfriend even said I looked so nice and shiny, and it’s true: my skin does have a healthy glow on it that wasn’t there before.

The shampoo-experience


This is how it comes out of the bottle
 Not going to lie to you: if you’ve just learned your skin was addicted to paraffin, your hair is so much worse. We all got so used covering our hair with silicones and stuff to make it feel “soft and nourished” and “easy to comb through”. I can tell you, when you start washing your hair with the natural stuff, it won’t feel soft. At all. At least, this was the case for me, using castile soap. Please let me know if you’ve experienced it different! When I washed my hair with this, it felt dry and weird. After the shower, when I tried to comb it, I almost couldn’t get through it with a brush. I have to say this: I have very curly hair that I never can comb without it being wet, so I probably am not the best example in this, not having main stream hair. Anyways, I had to comb it starting at the bottom, and working my way up. I must say, this is getting better as time progresses, but it’s not exactly like before yet. However, a huge difference with before is now I’m not using any conditioner. So that probably won’t help this issue. Being budget minded, and already spending more than before on these shower-products, I thought I’d try it first like this. If things don’t improve, I’ll add a conditioner to the routine again. My hair isn’t feeling dry though when, well, when it’s dry (that sounds kinda weird, but you know what I mean). It’s behaving normal, just like before. So I’m pretty confident the hair washing experience will improve even further. 

Using it as a smooth shave


Naturally foamy!
I tried this too, and for my legs and armpits it serves indeed as a smooth shaving cream. I also did this with my previous shower gel, just using it to shave too, to save some time. So for that, it’s ok. The bikini area however, is another story. With me, it’s very sensitive shaving there, and I always get a rash, with every shaving cream I try. I secretly hoped this castile soap would be the answer to that, but unfortunately, it had the same result as ever. So, going on with that search! Tips are welcome!



Your body and hair might have to get used to this all natural soap. But in my experience: they really will! Aroma Naturals definitely persuaded me to keep using castile soap, but I will try some other brands or fragrances, just to check out if I like them too, and if maybe I can find a smell that suits me better. I absolutely love the idea I’m finally doing something really good for my skin, using natural, healthy, truly nourishing ingredients on it! My legs are not as itchy as they were before, so I must be doing something good! Plus, it's 100% biodegradable.

You can buy this soap here!


  1. Hi Sofie,

    Great post- it's great to see that you are trying to find a way within your budget to ditch the toxic mainstream products so that you have a healthier body :)

    I noticed that you said you aren't using conditioner. Might I suggest that you try using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water as your 'conditioner'.... I know it sounds weird but trust me it works wonders and of course it chemical free!

    Would love to hear the update once you start to use that :)

    1. Thanks, that's fun to hear! Yeah, that tiny budget is making my quest a bit more difficult perhaps, but it's a challenge for sure!

      The apple cider idea was mentioned to me before, actually, so it's definitely on my to-try-list :-)
      Today I've washed my hair with a different castile, and I have to say, it's much softer now. I'll update on that later.

      And of course on the big vinegar test, thx so much for the advice!

      x Sofie

  2. Great post! Agree with ACV usage after washing, as it evens out the ph balance. Also, try using a baking soda clarifying rinse before use, or simply add half a teaspoon to the lather in your hair, then rinse, lather and rinse again. Worked for me with shampoo bars anyway :) Also, I'm in agreement with you on the bikini shaving. Total nightmare! If I find anything I'll let you know, in the meantime the search continues...! x

    1. Thanks for the useful tips Dana!
      Once I find myself a handy spraying bottle I'm going to try the ACV! It hasn't been as urgent as the other brand I mentioned above does it's job very good for my hair! Will have to review that one soon too!

      Yes, the bikini shave, it's a tough one! Thanks for keeping me posted, will do that too! x

    2. No worries :) Yes, the spray bottle is fab for ACV rinse! I use it for my makeup remover / cleanser too (obviously not the same bottle). Look forward to your results :) x

  3. Sofie,
    Try a version that has NO essential oils / aroma's / scents.
    This may be what is effecting your sensitive bikini area.

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  5. Agree with the previous comments about ACV - I tried castile soap once alone on my hair, and that was enough - most horrible sticky thick hair ever! Impressed that you stuck with it - if it's getting better you might find that the rinse will really make it something that works for you. I didn't stick it out, so interested to hear how you get on :) x

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  7. Great post- it's great to see that you are saying goodbye to the toxic mainstream products so that you have a healthier body :)

    I use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water as conditioner also.
    Ruby Coleman


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