Shop review: Ecco Verde

In the quest of comfortably changing my beauty-products for natural alternatives, I checked out some online shops. In all honesty I will share my experiences with them, so you know what to expect should you want to shop there too. Warning: it’s very addictive ;-)! 

No problem filling up my basket!

A very nice natural cosmetic shop I discovered, is Ecco Verde. I like to hang out there searching for the perfect product for me, as the atmosphere on the site is very young and fresh! Working with their web shop is very easy and client-friendly. A wide range of products is available, as there are a lot of international brands present, including Lavera, Weleda, Farfalla, Aubrey Organics, and many more. The company is located in Austria, at least that’s where my package came from. Different payment methods are possible, including credit card and Paypal. 

Lovely eco-box
Delivery is only in Europe though. For me, shipping to Belgium, delivery is free for orders above 39.95€. If you order less, shipping costs vary with the value of your order. I had no problem at all filling up my shopping cart, I can tell you that! To check shipping costs in your country, take a look here. Thanks to the excellent tracking service I could follow my package online, knowing exactly what day I could expect it on my doorstep. Officially they state delivery should be within 3-5 days. Both times I ordered from Ecco Verde, my package arrived two days after I placed my order. Nice and fast! The products I received were very properly packed, and in an eco-friendly box, of course.
Fragile items were securely packed in little plastic bags, as you can see on the picture above. I like the fact that they can be re-used as their is a little strap on them. Being eco-minded, I saved them for later use. They'll come in handy when I need travelbags for my soap, or something like that.

What I like about this web shop, apart from the good service, is you can find cosmetics for very reasonable prices. Some things I bought from here were even cheaper than my former chemical products, and that I really did not expect! The Lavera toothpaste I talked about earlier, for example, I also found in regular stores here in Antwerp. At three times the price from Ecco Verde, that is. So, I know why I’m shopping here. On the site, you’ll find a page with discounts, plus a lot of items get cheaper when you buy a number of them. That’s a benefit for those of you that like to stock up supplies. Of course, there are items that are expensive too (and too expensive for our budget). It’s up to you how much spending you feel comfortable with! 

Who wouldn't be happy getting a package like that?

As always, you want to check ingredients, because even here, there could be stuff you prefer not to have in your cosmetics. But all ingredients are specified, so you don’t have to go searching the web for the list of things that are in a product. All in all, I’m a very happy new customer with them, and from my experience until now, ordering there twice, I can very much recommend Ecco Verde to you! 

That moment when you open the box and can't wait to see what's inside!


  1. Great, I love finding new eco beauty sites! Thank you for sharing this one with us. x

    1. You're welcome, I love sharing them ;-) x

  2. thanks for sharing

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