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Not a review today, but a bit of a heads up. I’m a little sad this morning, as I’ve just discovered two of the products I recently purchased, do contain some ingredients I really didn’t want to have in them. I can remember being in a bit of a rush the time I was searching and ordering them. Probably didn’t check the ingredients thoroughly enough, and this is the result. My first natural deodorant, of which I was totally convinced was so good for me, apparently contains propylene glycol. And my hair mousse has potassium sorbate in it. I was so happy to have found this one, as the one I bought before was kind of expensive and didn’t last me that long. I was so convinced both of these products were only made of things I was pleased with, so this is a real bummer. Both ingredients have a score of 3 on the scale for health concerns of EWG’s Skin Deep, which isn’t that much, but still I’d like to have zero risk. 

This experience shows once more that even though products are being sold as being natural and good for you - and for the most part I’m sure they are - there still may be things inside them you personally don’t want to put on your skin. Learned it the hard way now, but you really have to check ingredients all the time and very thoroughly. In both these cases, it’s only one bad ingredient on a whole list of perfectness, making it not standing out that much, and being in a rush I must have overlooked them. Too bad!

I still will use these items and review them later though, as some people might not be bothered that much when there is only one questionable ingredient to consider. Of course, just having one of those nasty substances in your deodorant is so much better than a product containing twenty. But for me, the search for the perfect and affordable alternative goes on. Meanwhile, I can only say: check your labels, people!

Has this happened to you too? I’m curious to find out!


  1. It's never as easy as it seems to go natural, it also depends on a lot of factors like how strict you are, I think it's great that you are going for all low risk ingredients but I am not too concerned at all about the potassium sorbate especially in a hair product, the propylene glycol I avoid like the plague in skincare because it irritates my skin. I am testing some products that have ingredients that score a 5 on skin deep, and I LOVE them, whilst it is a good guide I can't help but feel that a lot more research is needed into certain ingredients for it to be conclusive and often some ingredients score higher through data gaps. Often there is no clear cut answer I subscribe to the 80/20 rule 80% really pure and organically certified and 20% for the odd indulgence that may be not so great. I think things like diet have far more impact than skincare anyway even though I do love natural and organic x

    1. Hi Ana, thanks for the comment :-)

      It's true, and everyone should determine for himself how strict to be with the ingredients. For me personally, as my immune system is very weak and has proven to not being able to get toxins, heavy metals and all sorts of things out of my body, I'm trying to be as strict as I can. Because I know my body has a problem with eliminating them. I will keep on using these products though, because otherwise it's kind of a money-waste. Should I not find better alternatives for a decent price, I too will consider allowing something in my cosmetics which I'm not completely happy with. But first, I'll take on the challenge!

      Great to hear another opinion, and that you're not that worried about potassium sorbate, as I spotted it in my daycream too, lol!

  2. I think we've all breezed through labels before only to discover something missed later on! Like Ana, I'm not overly concerned with potassium sorbate. It's something I avoid in food, but for cosmetics, there are certain products that need a preservative (eg. anything with water) and since I'm not willing to avoid those things all together....

    Everyone draws the line somewhere differently, of course, but I do think potassium sorbate is one of the safest preservatives out there :)

    1. Thanks, that's great to hear. I mustn't worry too much then, if there are already two people that aren't too concerned about it :-) I banned it from my food certainly too, along with almost all other additives.
      Thanks for stopping by, always fun!

  3. Ik koop tegenwoordig meestal alles van 2 of 3 merken: lavera en urtekram.
    Nu gebruik ik niet zoveel verzorgingsproducten. Toen ik er net mee begon werd ik wel helemaal hyper van het uitzoeken, op t laatst durf je niets meer te gebruiken. Inmiddels ben ik er wat relaxter in geworden.

    1. Ja, dat herken ik wel. Ik vind het wel een leuke uitdaging toch, om toch nog nét de betere variant te vinden :-) En vooral ook, goed voor de portemonnee als het even kan.
      Bedankt voor het langskomen :-) x sofie

  4. Ooh, this is a tough one when transitioning. It's a shame that not everything matches the label, but that's why I no longer look at the front of the bottle. Just head straight to the back and read the ingredients list prior to purchasing! I think EWG is in need of tweaking a little (copied & pasted the following from an old blog post, sorry, just easier than writing all over again!)... ->

    This is an US database, so do remember that if you are out with that country the product you are looking for might not be listed. They might have a 'preliminary' scoring or you might be able to look up each ingredient for a general safety scoring. Also be aware that whilst EWG might rate something as a hazard, the company making the product might be using natural alternatives (especially clear in fragrances) so it might actually be OK. Alternatively something classed as low hazard might contain talc and parabens (still classed as being OK in products by FDA), so be careful to weigh up the results, use your common sense and make up your own mind about what you feel comfortable using yourself.

    Agree potassium sorbate isn't too bad, would rather have that preservative than the others where preservatives are needed. Alternatively, ever considered making your own? If you use butters, oil & E/O, you won't need a preservative. I know where you're coming from though, as auto-immunity and allergies are the reason for my natural mission too :) xx

    1. Also, ever used CosDNA? They're just as good as EWG, but I think it's much easier to navigate :)

    2. I actually did read the ingredient list, but overlooked some things being in a rush...
      Now I had a different experience with an online shop: ordered something with great ingredients, but when it arrived I saw there were additional ingredients that weren't mentioned on the website. Now that's a real bummer!

      Making my own, I'd love to try that too for some things, but that's something for further down the line. As I'm also trying to show people how you can easily and comfortable replace your regular products for more natural ones, I think most people would choose the easy fast buying option over DIY :-)

      Thanks for the tip of the website, didn't know about it! Will look into it immediately as I also think EWG is a bit of a struggle to get around sometimes.


    3. Oh, I've done that too! It's so easy to overlook ingredients, especially when it screams natural / pure on the front and you're in a rush! Yes, unfortunately companies don't have to even share their ingredients online. Legally speaking, they just have to put them on the labels so they don't get done by trading standards. This means many 'natural' companies will only put in the preferred ingredients online and you'll get a little shock when you see the actual product. In my book, I don't think it's fair to the consumer and they should fix that as part of the distance selling act. Technically though, there is no laws on the term natural and they're not breaking any laws! It makes me so annoyed as I'm in the middle of putting together my own little online shop and I think, who is going to believe what I am writing when some companies do things like this? It puts everybody in a bad light :(

      It's interesting to know that you would rather buy products etc! As I was placing my balms on my website, there was a little part of me thinking will anyone actually buy this as so many people are making their own nowadays! So, it's restored my faith a little :)

      No worries about the website, it's my go to now for ingredients :) xx

    4. That's really unfair yeah, and I ordered it in America so it's a bit stupid to send it back all that way.

      Maybe you can just say it with the ingredients list in your shop, that you believe in honest labeling and will always put all ingredients on?

      I'm sure a lot of people don't have the time, handyness or will to make things themselves. So don't worry, I think people will buy :)



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