I've taken the pledge for holistic detox!

Yesterday, my eye caught something brilliant over at Dana’s Live Green Beauty blog. She’s inviting everyone to take a holistic detox pledge along with her. Thought behind it is this:

“I'm not a beauty, food, health or lifestyle blogger. However, everything I write about is to do with removing toxins from our lives, to the best of our abilities. Whether that be through our skin care or the foods we consume, it's all about detoxing. So, I think it's high time that I make a pledge - the holistic detox pledge.”

I was immediately interested, as my blog is the same. It’s not only a beauty blog, not only about recipes, or eco living. It’s a bit about all of those things and more, and here too, the central thought is: remove those nasty toxins from my body, my home and my life. And from our beautiful earth. Now, I wanted to know more. What does this pledge actually stand for then? According to Dana, it’s this:

“…clearing your mind, body & spirit from anything that hinders you from living a happy, simple, healthy life whilst living on planet earth and aiding the lives of future generations.” Read about Dana’s pledge more here

For me, the pledge will be about the following.

Mind & spirit
This one is a tough one for me. Being ill, I can’t get out much. I’d love to make long walks, dance and travel the world. I’d love to meet old friends and new people. I’d love to be happy doing all the things I can only dream of. But that’s not going to happen any time soon, so I’m making this pledge to try and continue keeping a positive spirit despite of it all. I’ll try and make my boyfriend happy every day. I’ll keep investing my energy in my family, as they’ll stick with me forever.
Although even indoors my possibilities are very limited, I’ll continue to search and find things that make me happy, regardless of how small they may seem to others. I have made a great start with this website, as it is something that has nothing to do with me being sick, and I can connect with people all over the world, just being one of the crowd. This is something that makes me happy, knowing that someone likes what you’re doing, and just trying to achieve something that matches your own possibilities, and be content with it. I'll try to stop looking at the future too much. Oh, and I’ll always keep smiling. Because that’s kind of my trademark ;-) 

The sugar, flavor enhancers, and all other toxic or questionable additives won’t come back ever. I’ll take the pledge to try not to give into the occasional gluten or junk food craving too much. Smoothies I love so much, so I’m going to get them back on the menu every day. I’ll stick to my changed cosmetic supplies, as I’m doing great already with that. The moment I’ll get better, I’ll exercise my feet off, I can’t wait for that to be possible again. The massage Dana is suggesting sounds great too! (Wink to my love ;-)) 

All of the cleaning products are being transitioned to environment-friendly alternatives as we speak. My pledge here will be mostly about reducing plastic use. Not only for our health, but for our earth too. With the change in cosmetics there is automatically a bonus of it being better for the enivronment, so that's fantastic. A little more organic herb growing on our balcony is on the planning too! I'd like to eat more organic too, so I'll search for methods to do that while sticking to our small budget.

That’s about it for now, of course I can add things later on, but mostly it’s this: I’ll keep living my greener life that I’ve already started. Because I love it!

So, what do you say, are you taking this pledge with us? Go over at Dana's and add yourself to the list! 


  1. Aww Sofie, your Mind & Spirit pledge really struck a chord with me. It's so difficult to keep going sometimes when you suffer from auto immune problems and it's hard for people to understand how you're feeling on the inside when you look 'ok' on the outside. Two weeks ago I went out to some local activities in our area & I felt bad that I'd got up late and only managed 2 hours of the festivities. Then, as I was walking down a lane, it struck me... I thought what is wrong with me? This is the first time in 6 months that I've managed out and about with my little family & the first time I've sat in a cafe without passing out because of the flicker from the UV lights. I realised that instead of being constantly harsh on myself, I should be proud of how much I've acheived in the past six months! I think, like you say, that staying positive is the main thing, it's like self-esteem V's self pity. We will have low and high moments, but we've got to keep smiling throughout. You're the first non-toxic blogger that I've come across who shares the same reasons for starting a blog - auto immune problems. So happy to have come across your blog! Loving what your pledge means to you! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you and everyone that takes part :-) xx

    1. That's so true, how much I've heard "you look good though" when all I can do is lie on the couch wishing I could go out some time.

      And when you do get out for once in a half year, people immediately think "oh, she's not that sick, since she can obviously be here".

      It's true, we should be more proud of ourselves, and not consider so much what others might think of it... But it's not easy :)

      Enjoying the little moments, that's what makes it worthwile right! So great you have been able to do that. Didn't know you were this "disabled" too!

      I'm happy to have met you too hun! X!


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