Healthy chocolate pudding + creamy chocolate milk!

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Recently, I inherited a cute little blender from my grandma. A great chance to start experimenting with making healthy snacks, so I did. One day, I came up with a super-easy but very tasty chocolate pudding. I love it because it has such a creamy texture, just like the puddings you’d buy in those little plastic cups, with cream on top, you know? They were one of my favourite treats as a child, but I ate them for the smooth chocolate, as I didn’t like the cream that much. So I left that out in my version.
For some, the taste might be a bit funny at the beginning. But I’ve tested this on a few people and they liked it very much, so, I suggest you try it! It certainly will be good for you, as the avocado I use gives you a load of potassium, B-vitamins and folic acid. It fights cancer, high blood pressure, depression and is good for your skin. It lowers cholesterol, protects you from heart disease and helps your body flush out toxins. A superfood for sure!
The pure cocoa powder in it supplies iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc, along with others. It’s a strong antioxidant, lowers cholesterol and protects, again, from heart disease. So, I can eat chocolate ├ánd work on my health? Give. It. To. Me. Now!

Yummy chocolate pudding:

What do you need? (for 1 serving)

No sugar added!

- A blender (haven’t tried it, but I guess a stick blender can work as well)
- ½ ripe avocado (you know it’s ready to eat when you can slightly squeeze it at the top)
- rice milk (or another kind, like almond milk)
- 1 big tablespoon of cocoa powder (100% cocoa, without added sugar of course)
- honey (the amount depends on your own taste)

How to make it:
First, peel the avocado and remove the pit. Chop half of it in chunks and put in the blender.

Add a big tablespoon of cocoa powder. Put in some honey, about a small tablespoon is certainly enough for me. You can taste later and add more if you like it to be more sweet. 

Now, pour some rice milk on top of everything, enough so the avocado chunks are just about covered.
Ready to blend! When everything seems mixed, open the lid and take a look.

This is what the texture should look like

If the texture is still too dry, add a little milk. If the taste is not sweet enough, add some honey. Mix it again, and then... Enjoy!

Instant happiness!

Chilled creamy chocolate milk

What to do with the other half of the avocado? Well, I made a delicious creamy chocolate milk for my brother and sister with it. Half of an avocado makes two servings, but I’m sure they would’ve liked more!

How? Do exactly the same as before. Chunks of avocado, big tablespoon of cocoa, honey on top. The only difference: more rice milk! I doubled the amount of what I did before, and afterwards I even added a little bit more to give it the liquidity I wanted. Blend it, and done!

Both of these recipes are the yummiest when you put them in the fridge for a while after making it, so it can stiffen up a bit. Plus, it just tastes so good, nice and cool! 


  1. Love this! Happy to have found you @ #bbunch bloghop.

  2. Great idea! I too love making a pudding with coconut milk x


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