Fluoride? Review of Lavera Basis Sensitiv toothpaste

Fluoride? No thanks!

Let’s kick off by taking a look at something everyone uses daily: toothpaste. A little while ago, I stumbled upon on article about fluoride. Turns out this is a substance I really don’t want in my mouth.
Apparently, it’s an endocrine disruptor that affects many things in the body, such as the brain, the bones, the thyroid gland and the pineal gland. Oh, and it affects blood sugar levels too. Or what about teeth deforming and staining? Oh sweet irony. That’s not everything folks! For more information, take a look at Fluoridealert.

In certain countries, like the United States, fluoride is even put in the tap water, to keep the population safe from caries. Too bad they’re ignoring the long list of other health risks they are forcing on their citizens.
But what’s the problem with toothpaste, when everyone knows you’re not supposed to swallow it? First of all, I’ve seen children swallow it like candy. The fact that they make children’s toothpaste so deliciously strawberry-flavored doesn’t help. Even small doses can lead to acute poisoning in children. Secondly, even though adults normally won’t swallow the whole thing, it’s hard to get everything out after brushing. In my case, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, there always stays a fair amount of toothpaste behind, even after several rinses. I probably won’t get poisoned acutely from this, but I don’t like the idea of ingesting even small amounts from this toxin. And it won’t go near any of my future children, that’s for sure!
Besides fluoride, there were other ingredients in my toothpaste that I didn’t like, such as colourings. Time to look for an alternative!

I’ve seen blogs of people making their own natural toothpaste. Personally, I thought that was a bridge too far,  at least for now. I’d like to start by replacing my store-bought tube by another, but better one. Call it a smooth transition, if you like.
After a little online research, I decided to go for Lavera’s Basis Sensitiv toothpaste. No fluoride, and all natural ingredients. They also don’t test on animals.
Be careful, there is also a Mint-flavoured tube from this brand, but that one does have fluoride in it. They do have a kids version with strawberry-raspberry flavor, without fluoride, I'm keeping that in mind for the future!
The price was very reasonable compared to other brands I’ve looked at, so that was mainly the reason I chose Lavera. Let’s take a look.

Review: Lavera Basis Sensitiv

The packaging

A nice-looking tube, not that different from other regular toothpaste brands. It is however smaller than my last one, at 75ml. That’s not a problem, as long as you keep in mind you’ll have to replace this one faster. 

The taste

Coming from a toothpaste with very strong minty flavor, this one tasted a little strange the first time I used it. It certainly isn’t bad, but it’s much more of a subtle flavor. It tastes a little more salty than I’m used to, but after a few times I don’t notice that anymore. My boyfriend however, who doesn’t like toothpastes to be too strongly minty, didn’t think the taste was that strange at first use.
This Lavera toothpaste doesn’t burn in and around your mouth like other ones with strong flavorings in it can.
After brushing you don’t have that overwhelmingly fresh mint taste in your mouth. That might be a downside for some people. Still, the aftertaste is a subtle fresh, so I’m happy with it. 

The result

My teeth feel clean and fresh, so no complaints at all. I can’t feel any difference with my previous toothpaste in terms of cleanliness. What feels different, and I like that very much, is that it gives a less foamy feel while brushing, as sometimes in the past I’ve felt like my toothpaste foamed so strongly I couldn’t keep it all inside. Also, there are no toothpaste-slimes left behind with this one. It rinses out a lot better, I must say! And if there is some toothpaste left behind, I don’t mind that much because I know it won’t harm me in any way. 

My conclusion

Although you don’t have that very minty flavor which I liked from my last toothpaste, I’m happy with the taste of this one. It leaves my teeth feel clean and it’s all natural, without fluoride! Getting that for a very reasonable price (I got mine at 1,89 €), makes me very happy!

Find out here where I bought this Lavera toothpaste!


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