Why not perfectly pure?

So, why only practically pure, and not going natural all the way? In my honest opinion, even if I wanted, I simply can’t avoid all the harmful chemicals that surround me. 

For one thing, I’m living near an industrial zone. Air quality is very bad here. Sure, we could move, but that’s really not an option for us.
Same for eating organic: as I am chronically ill, we have to make ends meet with one  paycheck a month. And no, my partner doesn’t earn that much, just an average income. So that means we can’t buy everything organic, even though we’d like to. Fruits, veggies and meats still all come from the ordinary discount supermarket in town. There’s just no money to do otherwise. For essentials like coconut-oil, gluten-free food, sugar free chocolate (yes, that is essential!) and other “alternative stuff”, we have to go to an organic shop as that’s the only place we can find them. But that means, unfortunately, our vegetables and fruits do have pesticides on them, and our meat will likely contain hormones, antibiotics and so on. 
But having to shop at the local discount store, doesn’t mean we are eating all the trash they sell there. We buy only fresh foods, and for the occasional bowl of olives, tins of fish, pot of mayonnaise or other manufactured products, we check labels thoroughly. Sure, we can’t buy everything organic, but we can toss the avoidable poison in our foods! 

As we are evolving to a practically chemical-free life, there still are things I want to look into on the long term. You realistically can’t change everything at once. So we still drink bottled water (plastic bottles, I know, yuk!), we are wearing clothes that without a doubt have harmful colorings in it, and we still use plastic food containers. Our doors still are painted with poisonous paint. There are so many things still to examine. I would like to throw out all the rubbish at once, but that’s just not possible. Apart from the money-issues, there is also my health to consider, making me not able to make a full-time job out of getting rid of chemicals and finding good replacement methods  (as for others, there’s only a limited amount of time next to working and taking care of the kids). Nobody's perfect, right?

So I’m going one step at a time, seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. Along the way, I will share my discoveries in the world of going natural here with you, hoping you all get inspired to go as natural and toxic-free as you can, in a comfortable and gradual way. 

That’s why I claim to be just practically pure: I’m trying the best I can with the means we’ve got in our family. You can’t rule out every harmful thing in your life, but you sure can do a lot, depending on your possibilities! Not being perfect, but as close as I can for my personal situation, that’s my goal! And of course, sharing some practical, real life-based experiences with you along the way. 

Hope it will be useful to you too!  


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  2. Hi Sofie! I really enjoyed this post, as I totally understand and agree with what you say. It is so hard to be totally clean and pure all the time, but I always say every little bit puts us one step closer to our aspirations. What we can do is contingent upon time, resources, and finances so what matters is living a little better each day!


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